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Welcome to Nomadtopia!

Nomadtopia is your ideal lifestyle.

Your vision of how to combine your passion for travel (or simply a desire to be location independent) with everything else that’s important to you.

Maybe you want to join the ranks of the “digital nomads” and work and travel anywhere in the world.

Maybe you don’t intend to go anywhere, but you want to have the flexibility to do so.

Maybe you want to work seasonal jobs and travel in the off season.

Maybe you just need more freedom in your life.


Freedom! Patagonia, Argentina


It is possible to live the lifestyle you dream of—and I’m dedicated to helping you make it happen, from figuring out what it looks like to putting the pieces in place to get there.

On the blog, and through 1:1 coaching and various products and programs, I offer the inspiration and tools you need, based on my personal experience and that of others who are location independent. I also write about what you can expect in the everyday reality of this lifestyle, and the practical and emotional challenges that come along with it.

There is no “right” way to live your Nomadtopia; it’s all about figuring out the perfect lifestyle for you and what you need to do to start living it (oh yeah, and taking action!).

Puerto Octay, ChileI can help you live this life because I’m living it too (and have been since 2004). From discovering that Citibank in South America can’t help sort out problems with a U.S. Citibank account to struggling to continue a regular yoga practice when I’m on the road to meeting client deadlines without a reliable Internet connection, I’ve been there. And I’m still figuring it out, as each new situation arises.

Whether you’re just starting out or already well on your way, Nomadtopia is about sharing inspiration and providing solutions so you can create, and continue to live, your ideal life, anywhere in the world.

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Punta Arenas, Chile


Wondering if you’re ready for your own Nomadtopia? Take the quiz, How Close Are You to Nomadtopia?, and check out the ebook, Destination Nomadtopia: Discover the Ideal Lifestyle for Your Nomadic Soul.

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