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Join the Nomadtopia Community!

The Nomadtopia Community Facebook group is a free community for digital nomads and location-independent professionals and those who hope to join their ranks. When you’re dreaming of (or living) a location-independent lifestyle and no one around you gets it, it’s easy to feel like you’re all alone on this journey.

It makes all the difference to find people you can talk to about the questions and challenges of a location-independent lifestyle, and who can provide inspiration to show you that the life that’s calling you is absolutely doable.

That’s why I’ve created this free Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded people to share ideas and resources, ask questions, and get expert advice. (And community is typically built into my paid offerings as well!)

Connect with more than 3,000 fellow nomads and nomads-to-be in our lively (and free) Facebook group.
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Here are a just a few comments I’ve received from people in the Nomadtopia community:

It is so very difficult to find people to talk to about the issues that come up with this lifestyle (especially where we are living right now). Thank you for creating this group, and thanks to all who are contributing these wonderfully wise words.


Thanks for creating this space, Amy, so we can dream, plan, and travel the life calling to us. And for leading and demonstrating that it can indeed be a reality. Thrilled to be here.


I’ve been reflecting on the idea of location independence for some time. Thrilled to have a forum to discuss what different shapes this takes on for us.