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Products and Programs

I’m constantly creating new ways to help you live your Nomadtopia. The links in the descriptions below lead to more information about the individual offerings.

Destination: Nomadtopia

This ebook helps you discover and design the ideal life for your nomadic soul, incorporating everything that matters to you (which the book will help you uncover!).

Work-from-Anywhere Toolkit

Embrace the freedom you (and your business) crave. The Work-from-Anywhere Toolkit provides you with the tools you need to successfully run your business from anywhere.

Create Your Nomadtopia

Everything I’ve learned in more than 10 years of location independence is packed into this program, which walks you through absolutely everything you need to create your Nomadtopia, from visualizing what your Nomadtopia looks like to sorting out at-home logistics to making an action plan and hitting the road. I run this occasionally as a live program; sign up here to be notified the next time it’s happening.

Live Events

I hosted the first Nomadtopia LIVE in June 2016, and have plans to do more retreats in the future. Sign up here to stay in the loop. I also often host meetups in different places I travel to; the Nomadtopia Facebook page, newsletter (see below), and Facebook group are the best ways to find out about those as they’re scheduled. If you’d like to help host a meetup if I come to your town, let me know!