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I love helping people create—and thrive in—
their own version of Nomadtopia.

It can be tough going it alone when you’re creating something that other people just don’t seem to get. And even when you do find others on the same path, each person’s situation is unique and their ideas and advice might not work for you.

Working with a coach can help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. And working with someone who’s been living a location-independent lifestyle for more than 10 years (that’s me) means you’ll have a sympathetic ear, plus tons of resources at your fingertips when you need them.

If you’d like to pick my brain about living your Nomadtopia or would prefer a one-off session, you can book through


Still working on creating your ideal location-independent lifestyle?

Check out the following coaching packages and get in touch to see if it’s a good fit!


Road Map to Location Independence   $500

Not sure what your own Nomadtopia looks like or how to make it happen? We’ll work together to assess where you are and where you want to go, then create a plan to get there. We’ll explore every aspect of your life and business—housing, finances, travel logistics, business model, and more—to identify what’s ready to go and what needs tweaking. You’ll walk away armed with the essential resources and knowing exactly what you need to do to get from here to there.


  • 4 one-hour coaching sessions over 4 weeks
  • Email support: Anytime during the 4 weeks, email me with questions that come up between sessions


Guided Tour   $1,000

Want guidance and support while you implement, or need more time to figure things out? The Guided Tour includes a half-day intensive to create your Road Map (as above), then one coaching session each month for three months and weekly check-ins to keep you on track and clear any roadblocks you encounter along the way.

  • One half-day (up to four hours) intensive, in person or via phone/Skype (depending on your location and mine!)
  • 3 one-hour coaching sessions over 12 weeks
  • Support and accountability: Structured weekly check-ins over the 12 weeks to ensure you’re making progress with your Road Map


Already living your Nomadtopia, but it’s not going quite as you’d hoped?

I know firsthand that the reality of working for yourself, traveling, and trying to balance it all doesn’t always go smoothly. And it can be just as tough actually admitting to yourself, let alone anyone else, that your glamorous-on-social-media lifestyle isn’t thrilling you like you thought it would.

Don’t worry—your secret’s safe with me! I offer a judgment-free zone to help you assess what’s working and what isn’t, what it will take to get from here to the new version of your ideal lifestyle, and make it all happen. Get in touch to talk about the options.


More about me and how I work…

Amy ScottI have been location independent since 2004, and I’ve spent the last 10+ years traveling around the world, working from anywhere, and living abroad. I’ve done it on my own and with family, friends, and now my husband. I’ve sold (almost) everything more than once and now have a home base in Buenos Aires.

I know what it takes to create the freedom to be able to live and work anywhere in the world (and keep it up year in and year out). I know too many people who are struggling to figure out how to make it work for them—or, even worse, who are bogged down in fear and excuses and can’t see a way out no matter how much they say they want it.

That’s why I created Nomadtopia, and went on to get certified as a coach. I want to see more and more people busting through their excuses and creating a life they love.

My coaching offers just the right balance of support and understanding with the push you need to keep moving.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach here, no “you have to do it this way.” Your situation is unique, and I help you look at your whole life and figure out how to make this work for you.

When you work with me you get access to:

  • My extensive experience planning and implementing big changes, traveling long-term, and running a business from anywhere
  • All of the information, resources, and connections I’ve gathered over the years
  • The NOMAD coaching model, which supports you with guidance and accountability to identify what you want and how to get it
  • My non-judgmental, supportive coaching style


P.S. I’m also an editor! If you need help finishing and polishing your nonfiction book, or have other content that you would like reviewed by a professional editor like me, check out for more info.
P.P.S. Need graphic or tech help? That’s how my husband, Roberto, supports his Nomadtopia! Check out his services at

Kelly O.Amy held me accountable and always moved me forward. It is SO EASY to do nothing, but with Amy’s support I never lost sight of my Nomadtopia dream.

Even though making a huge life change was difficult, thanks to Amy, I felt more confident that I was making the right choice, and I finally hit the road with my husband in a newly created location-independent life. 

—Kelly O.

SheneeI knew I wanted to travel and do something different with my life, but I was overwhelmed and couldn’t figure out when, where, and how.

Amy is so good at asking the questions that help me get where I want to go. She is not judgmental and was really great at preparing me for the lifestyle. 

Thanks to Amy, I was able to see myself actually doing it, and gave up my apartment to travel indefinitely.

Shenee Howard

Deb DutcherI’m still riding on the positive energy I got from my coaching session with Amy, and I can now explore my situation from another angle and see the possibilities. She is a great listener and really open-minded and gentle in her approach to giving feedback. I would recommend working with her to anyone who is thinking about becoming location independent and wondering about the logistics of doing it.

Deb Dutcher

MeaghanAmy helped me take the leap and rediscover travelling the world. I completely transcended my fear around travelling alone and feel I have leapt into a whole new way of seeing life on the road.

She was very reliable and I really felt like she had my back. She was a great sounding board and it gave me a lot of confidence talking to someone who understands the dream. When I hit a crisis on my trip Amy was completely there for me, helped me feel ‘okay’ and get back on track.

Meaghan Morningstar

Ashley HI loved how Amy gave me straight opinions when I asked for them and also asked great questions when needed. She helped inspire me to TAKE ACTION and work in smaller chunks to make my round-the-world trip a reality.

—Ashley Hawkins

Rebecca B headshotMany of my family and friends didn’t support my travels, or didn’t understand the challenges I faced; having Amy there who completely understood and supported me was incredibly valuable.

Amy provided me with many useful resources I needed for life on the road, and business. Her knowledge of all things virtual was of great help to me in learning the tools I needed to launch my first group program. 

Rebecca Beaton

Amy reassured me in my moments of doubt, showing me that not only was this doable, it would be even better and more doable than I could imagine. Through my work with Amy, I turned an idea into an actual game plan.

I highly recommend you put Amy’s nomadic smarts to work for your adventure too!

Victoria Prozan

Jen M.My strategy session with Amy was awesome! She helped me see beyond any limitations and had fresh ideas for working towards my dream of living my Nomadtopia.

Amy is ultra-creative and had lots of suggestions for ways to move incrementally towards my goals without immediately upending my life.

If you have a dream of living a modern nomadic lifestyle, I highly recommend working with Amy.

Jen Merrill