I extended my recent visit to the States so I could attend an event in New York City for women entrepreneurs called RHHLive (or Rich, Happy & Hot Live), put together by the awesome Marie Forleo (whose B-School course I took over the summer). I am so grateful for the experience, and send my HUGE thanks to all of the speakers and people who worked behind the scenes to make this event happen. It was absolutely incredible and life-changing.

Nomadtopia isn’t a blog for entrepreneurs per se, but if you want to be location independent, you will need to think of yourself as an entrepreneur, so I thought I’d share some things about the event with all of you.

I met so many amazing people during the event, and I can’t say enough about how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded people, both online and off. Having a community that is both supportive and inspiring does wonders for encouraging you and pushing you to reach your goals. It also keeps you from feeling like you’re crazy, which can easily happen when you’re the only person you know starting their own business/quitting their job/selling all their stuff/

[insert your crazy idea here].

The other thing this event reminded me of yet again is that it is so crucial to really be yourself, in all aspects of your life. Marie Forleo is a great example of this: everything she does is infused with her personality, and in large part that’s exactly what makes people love her and want to follow her and buy her programs and hang out with her in NY for two and a half days.

I spent years trying to minimize or hide my travel lifestyle, worried it would affect clients’ impressions of me, but since I’ve “come out” as a nomad, the reaction has been nothing but positive. All the marketing experts talk about how people need to know, like, and trust you before they will buy from you, and there’s no question that being authentic is the easiest way to do this!

When I am myself and share my story, it resonates with people. So many people are really eager to live their ideal life, and they love to meet people like me who are actually doing it. It is inspiring to them and encourages them in knowing they can do the same thing. When my story resonates with people, it’s a clue that I’ve found a kindred spirit—the kind of person I want for a friend or even a client. (Remember this the next time you’re not sure you should tell someone about your crazy dreams!)

I learned so much from the impressive line-up of speakers at RHHLive. Here are a few of the life-changing gems I gathered in my treasure chest that weekend.

The first night, we participated in Josh Pais’s Committed Impulse workshop, where we learned that all emotions and feelings are just vibrations in the body, neither good nor bad. And if we don’t let our minds step in and narrate what is happening–when we’re nervous, for example, or upset–and just sit with the vibration, it’ll go away. Pretty powerful stuff.

Marie Forleo personally urged me to Do the Work. I’m fighting resistance like my life depends on it. I’m planning out each day the night before, and I’m going to put together a detailed business vision/plan for the next 8 to 12 months (and beyond).

Kris Carr reminded us that when you eat crap, you feel like crap. I’m detoxing and revamping my diet starting NOW.

Julie Cottineau encouraged us to focus and to be creative in creating and sharing our brand. The overhaul is in progress.

Ramit Sethi advised that we be wary about blindly taking business and marketing advice from others. We have to analyze and test that advice to determine if it’s right for us. I’ll be implementing some of his strategies ASAP.

Danielle LaPorte rocked. (Is that too vague? OK…) She pointed out that to create, you must destroy, and urged us to create a “Stop Doing” list, which I’m still working on. She also told me what her next book’s about. 😉

Russell Simmons reminded us that nobody cares what you’ve done, they care what you’re DOING. And that it’s OK to make shifts along the way—we think we’re being watched through a microscope, but nobody’s really paying that much attention. What a relief!

Simon Sinek shared that you have to know what you believe—or no one else will. Our basic human desire is to feel like we belong, and to be with people who believe what we believe (which ties in ever so nicely to my points above about finding like-minded community and being yourself). You’ll be seeing more from me on this in the future.

Laura Roeder encouraged us to pitch more, to expand our circles and to not assume that we’re not a good fit for x or y. People want you because you’re different! Stay tuned as I work on some guest posts and other adventures.

Derek Halpern gave us lots of tips on how to get people to talk about you, and he highlighted the halo effect: if you’re known for one positive trait, people assume you’re good at everything else. Yet another argument for getting really focused on one niche, market, or service in your business, which I’ve been working on this year.

Mama Gena urged us to make a list of our DESIRES. Allow yourself to daydream, and get specific. She also hosted a bragging session that got us all inspired and feeling great. I encourage everyone to find a safe space where they can brag about their achievements!

There was so much more, and I highly recommend you check out each of these incredible people to find out more about what they believe and what they have to offer. While it’s fun and inspiring to read travel blogs and dream about what your life will look like in Nomadtopia, it’s also important to determine what your business will look like!

What business tips have you learned/implemented this year?