It’s been a busy week! I didn’t post anything else last week because I was on the verge of moving the site to a new host, which I’d never done before, and I was too nervous to touch anything until it was over!

But everything’s moved now, and appears to have arrived intact. After I had spent a few hours trying to figure out all the necessary steps to set up Google Apps again, plus all the WordPress stuff, a member of the fabulous support team at Site5 mentioned that they could do all that for me, for free.

I obviously jumped on that right away, and in less than one business day it was all done. So far I have been very impressed with Site5’s responsiveness, professionalism, and offerings. They came recommended by a web-designer friend of mine, who recommends them to all her clients, so I’m confident I’m in good hands. (Yes, those are affiliate links—remember, I only recommend the best!)

The other big news this week is that I’ve signed up for an amazing and exciting two-month online business and marketing program called Rich, Happy & Hot B-School. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you the name—it so doesn’t feel like “me”—but the women running the program, Marie Forleo and Laura Roeder, are amazing, and just in the first few days I am learning a ton and am convinced that signing up was a great decision. It’s a big chunk of money—the biggest investment I’ve ever made for my business—but it feels right. You likely won’t see a lot of changes around these parts right away (I’m focusing the exercises on my editing business for now), but the wheels are turning! (Enrollment is closed, but you can sign up to be notified about the next one here.)

The course is intense, but I will do my best to keep the awesome content coming here on the blog. I know you don’t just want to hear about me, though! So tell me: What burning questions do you have about how to make this lifestyle work? What struggles are you having? What are your hopes and fears about creating/living your own Nomadtopia?

P.S. Stay tuned: I’ve got another awesome Nomadtopia interview coming next week!