Free Work-from-Anywhere

Get the essential tools and strategies to successfully work from anywhere in this free workshop.

Whether you dream of living wherever you want, escaping winter, extending your travels, or something else entirely, being able to keep work humming along at the same time gives you lots of options.

But maybe you’ve tried it already and it was a disaster. Or just thinking about leaving the comforts of your home office brings out all your fears: letting down clients, dropping the ball on important projects, losing money and credibility… Maybe you’ve started to believe it’s just not possible for you and your business or job to work from anywhere.

Don’t despair. Your work-from-anywhere dream is possible!

It’s true that there are a lot of moving parts involved in working from anywhere, but it can be much easier than you might think—once you’ve taken care of the essential planning and preparation, tested it all out, and created a system that works for you.

Get the ball rolling with a free workshop on working from anywhere.

In just an hour, you’ll get the key tools and strategies to successfully work from anywhere and map out the key aspects of your work-from-anywhere plan so you know what adjustments you need to make and what you need to figure out before you hit the road.

The live workshop happened on August 16, 2018, but you can still get the replay! Input your info below to get the video replay and all the tools and resources.

This workshop is tailored toward those who are new to working from anywhere—maybe you’re just thinking about it or have tried it and it hasn’t gone well. But even more experienced nomads may learn a few new tricks!

This Work-from-Anywhere Workshop is for you if:

  • You’re wondering whether you could really run your business from anywhere
  • Your work is technically location independent but you’re nervous about working from anywhere more exotic than your local Starbucks or coworking space
  • You have tried to work from anywhere and things didn’t go smoothly—or you gave it a try and it didn’t go as well as you hoped
  • You’re looking for ways to improve your systems so it’s easier to work from anywhere
  • You don’t have plans to take your business on the road, but you want to be prepared just in case

Who’s running this thing?

I’m Amy Scott, and I’ve been working from anywhere since 2005.

Amy Scott working from anywhere, © 2016 Savannah Wishart

© 2016 Savannah Wishart

I set up my first business specifically so I would be location independent, and I’ve been working from anywhere ever since. You name it, I’ve called it my office at some point: Airbnb apartments, the homes of friends and family, airports, cafes, coworking spaces, cars and RVs, hospitals, rooftop restaurants, hotel lounges, and more—in 12 different countries and counting. I’ve run online programs while on a road trip, coached clients while traveling, and started projects in one location and finished them halfway around the world.

Along the way I’ve learned that there’s a big difference between being able to work from anywhere in theory and actually doing it. I’m on a mission to help others successfully work from anywhere by sharing what I’ve learned over the years, from my favorite tools to the strategies I use to stay on top of everything and tips for finding good places to work.

work from anywhere locations

After a few difficult experiences working from remote locations, I was relieved to have Amy’s support to make sure I covered everything for my next venture abroad. After a weeklong test drive in Mexico, I felt a lot more confident in my ability to run my business from anywhere, and I’ve continued to do just that.

—Jessica Broome