Chris Osborne

Chris Osborne: New Food, New People, New Sights

June 11, 2013 |

Each person’s unique vision of Nomadtopia is a reminder that there is no one way to create your ideal life, no right or wrong approach. Many people just like you—or in even more complicated circumstances—have made it happen, or are working to get there. Hearing others’ stories keeps us all inspired, and reminds us to dream big!

Chris Osborne has been location independent and a permanent traveller for 8 years. He is currently in Southeast Asia, blogs about his travels at My Egg Noodles and is building Founders Grid, a community dedicated to location independence, offshore business and international living.

How would you describe your current lifestyle (Nomadtopia, if you will)?

I’ve been location independent for 8 years and travel a fair bit, albeit slower these days. I’m currently in Southeast Asia (in Thailand while writing this), but later in the year will move over to Europe for an extended period of time.

What was the first inspiration/motivation that led to your current lifestyle?

My first inspiration to quit my job and travel full time was from travelling. I’ve been travelling independently since high school and after trips to Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, India, Thailand and Singapore, I was hooked! Luckily I had started creating websites promoting affiliate offers about a year before I made the decision, so the transition was easy for me from a financial perspective.

What is the most unexpectedly useful thing in your current Nomadtopia?

A wine bottle opener! Nothing worse than bringing a bottle of wine back to your hotel room only to realise you didn’t buy a screw top bottle. It’s saved me arse a few times 🙂

What do you miss most that you didn’t (or couldn’t) bring with you?

Family and close friends. Although I do visit once a year for a week or two.

What is the most challenging aspect of this lifestyle? What’s the most satisfying?

Most challenging is easily balancing work with pleasure. Especially if you hit a new location and you want to go out and explore. You need a lot of dedication. As for the most satisfying, easily the new foods, restaurants and people you get to meet along the way (I met my now wife while travelling!).

What advice would you have for others who are hoping to do something similar?

One of the best things about this lifestyle is being able to choose what your monthly expenses are each month. So when starting out, I recommend choosing somewhere like Thailand, Vietnam or Bali. Each offer low cost of living and have reliable internet speeds.

Another tip is to create a fixed work schedule. I currently work two full days, and then take an afternoon off on the third day. I normally tackle email in the mornings, and then spend the afternoons learning, editing video content or exploring new ideas. On my afternoon off, I like to hook up with friends, take photos, visit temples, etc.

Just for fun: Would you rather spend one month in a place you’ve been to before, or 24 hours somewhere new?

Easy: 24 hours. Take me somewhere new with new food, people and sights!

Thanks, Chris!

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