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Nomadtopia Radio is a monthly (formerly weekly) podcast that features interviews with people all over the world who are living their version of Nomadtopia. They might be living abroad, settling down (for now), traveling overland with kids, homeschooling, or backpacking solo around the world… You name it.

Their stories highlight all the different ways to explore the world, live and work on your own terms, and have the freedom and flexibility to create the lifestyle that matters to you.

Listen in as Amy and her guests talk about the ins and outs of daily life as a traveler/expat/nomad/entrepreneur; nitty-gritty details of living and working anywhere in the world, like banking, technology, what to do with your stuff, and having a home base (or not); getting started and making it happen; and much, much more.

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Jessica and Will: Full-Time Travel as a Family

Jessica and Will left the U.S. with their school-age children in 2014 and spent time living in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and the South of France before switching to living in an RV and exploring Europe. They join me to talk about how they've made this lifestyle work, including handling medical care, making decisions as a family, and lots more.

Lisa Princic: Short-Term Adventures

After her marriage ended, Lisa wasn't prepared to give up on her dream of living abroad as a family and taking her work with her. She started exploring other ways to make it happen, and eventually she and her five-year-old son headed to Maui for a three-month adventure. Tune in as we talk about the logistics she needed to sort out, what she learned from the experience, and lots more.

Julie Whelan Capell: Life in Chile

Location-independent work and rental property back home eased the way for Julie and her husband to move to Chile in 2017, where they've enjoyed settling into the local community in a seaside resort town. The adventure hasn't been without its challenges, though! Tune in as Julie and I talk about preparing to make this move, sorting out logistics, finding long-term accommodations during high season, and lots more. 

Brandon Pearce: Finding Meaning in Life and Work

Brandon and his family have been traveling the world for 10 years now, and have recently set up home bases in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Bali, Indonesia. In this episode we talk about how they've created the life they wanted, how finding meaning guides his decisions, their interest-led approach to educating their daughters, and lots more.

Tommo and Megsy: Food Fun Travel

Having spent much of the past six years being fully nomadic, Tommo and Megsy are now more focused on the freedom of location independence to have a home base, travel when they want, and avoid winter. In this episode we talk about their challenges finding income streams that worked for them, food as inspiration to travel, and lots more.

Marek Bron: Balancing Home and Travel

After a few years of full-time travel, Marek found a home base in Lisbon, Portugal. He enjoys connecting with the local community when he's settling into a bit of a routine at home, and also spends a lot of time on the road in support of his travel blog.

Jayme and John: Rural Van Life in the U.S.

Since 2017, Jayme and John (and their two dogs) have been living in a 1996 Chevy Express van, which they built out themselves for full-time living. They enjoy spending time in rural areas of the U.S. where the dogs can roam free and they can spend time on work or personal projects.

Carrie Spaulding: Saying Yes to a Nomadic Adventure

An intuitive hit that she was supposed to spend a year on the road led Carrie—a coach who was already location independent—to head off on a nomadic adventure full of powerful and memorable experiences, insights, and challenges. She joined me just after the year had officially ended, as she was reflecting on her trip and exploring what's next.

Elizabeth Mercer: Remote Work & Physical Products

Elizabeth and her husband spent about three years on the road, building a software company as they traveled. They've now moved to Austin, Texas, to give the company a U.S. headquarters, and Elizabeth has also started a new business selling ergonomic furniture. In this episode, we talk about hiring remote workers and tips for finding remote work, how a business that sells physical products can be location independent, the benefits and challenges of settling down, and lots more.

David Jacoby: Financial Planning for Nomads

David is a financial planner and an on-again, off-again expat. In this episode, he joins me to share lots of financial tips and considerations for nomads, expats, and location-independent people of all stripes (plus his experience traveling with his pet ferret!).

Cate Brubaker: Navigating Re-Entry

Re-entry (returning home after extended travel, especially abroad) can be one of the hardest parts of a location-independent lifestyle. Dr. Cate Brubaker—re-entry coach, consultant, and part-time nomad—joins me to talk all about why re-entry is so tough and what we can do to make it easier, no matter how long we’ve been gone or how long we’re staying put.

Kelly Christian: Location-Independent Bookkeeper

Kelly took her local, in-person bookkeeping business online, expanding her reach and giving her the ability to work from anywhere. Thanks to her work and some research and planning, Kelly and her husband were able to spend three months in Mexico last winter. She joined me to talk about what it took to make it happen, what she learned along the way, and what's changed as a result of their winter abroad.

From the Archives: Legal Matters for Nomads with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

Elizabeth intentionally created a business that fits the lifestyle she wants to live. As a location-independent lawyer for small businesses, she manages a remote team and takes lots of road trips—and she actually understands this nomad stuff! In this information-packed conversation we cover topics like where to set up your business in the U.S. if you’re traveling domestically or abroad, state taxes when you’re moving all over the country, and how nomads can deal with old-school things like taxes, insurance, and contracts.

Hannah Dixon: The Nomad VA

After spending several years doing virtual assistant work online while traveling, Hannah Dixon began her own business training and placing virtual assistants. In this episode, Hannah gives us the inside scoop on working successfully as a nomad along with her tips for taking care of mental health and happiness while on the road.

Anna Rova: Relationships and Female Success

Anna and her husband met at a nomad meetup in Medellín, Colombia, and they're now expecting a nomad baby! In this episode, we talk about Anna's perspective on relationships, the reality of nomad life, embracing one's wild feminine nature, and so much more.

Michelle Chang: Unconventional Budget Accommodations

After getting married and working for a few years, Michelle and her husband, Jedd, joined the Peace Corps and served together for two years in rural Jamaica. They then tested out location independence while slowly building a freelance web services business, keeping expenses low through housesitting, work exchanges, and other unconventional accommodations. This budget-friendly approach continues to sustain and enrich their long-term travel lifestyle.

Doug Cunnington: Amazon Affiliate Sites

After working remotely for years in his corporate job as a project manager, Doug got laid off. He was lucky to already be building a side hustle with Amazon affiliate sites, which he was able to make his full-time gig. In this episode, we talk about the transition to working for himself, all about affiliate sites, some of his favorite productivity hacks, and lots more.

Coleman and Kennedy: Health and Productivity on the Road

Identical twins Coleman and Kennedy use their expertise in fitness, productivity, and behavior change to help business travelers stay healthy on the road. In this episode, we talk about the unique challenges of full-time travel, establishing location-independent exercise routines, and lots more.

What’s Next for the Podcast?

After an unintentional two-week break, I'm back to share what's been going on and what's next for Nomadtopia Radio. Tune in for all the latest.

Marilyn and Matthew: Teaching English Online

Marilyn and Matthew travel the world by teaching English online with VIPKID. They prefer to spend more time in one place rather than traveling constantly, and they love the flexibility that their location-independent work gives them to do just that.

Cara Miles: Yoga and Coaching

Cara went from clinical psychologist in a country town in Australia to yoga teacher living at a surf camp in Morocco and working as a coach supporting others to follow their dreams. Tune in as we talk about the ideal mindset for nomads, how to handle people who don’t support your dreams and lifestyle, getting a good night’s sleep, life in Morocco, and more.

Dan Pierson: Finding His Sweet Spot

It can take a while to find our rhythm with this lifestyle and figure out what really works for us, but Dan feels like he's finally found his sweet spot. In this episode, he shares why he likes having a home base, his take on community and friendships, and lots more.

Andrea Jordan: Travels Abroad and at Home

Andrea's work as a business coach and strategist allowed her to spend the last 20 months traveling around Latin America. Eventually, she felt it was time for a change, and she's recently headed back to her home country, New Zealand, to continue the adventure. Tune in to hear all about how this decision came about, her tips for volunteering in animal shelters on the road, budgeting for your business, and tons more.

Fara and Bob: Can Do Latitude

In 2017, 40-somethings Fara and Bob quit their jobs to travel the world. After seven months on the road, they've learned a lot about housesitting, budgeting, their interests, and even their relationship. Tune in to hear all about their experience so far.

Jennifer Karchmer: Ups and Downs of Housesitting

Jennifer fell into housesitting more than 10 years ago and has been doing it ever since. She works as a freelance writer and editor, which allows her to travel and take on housesitting gigs around the U.S. and internationally.

Susan Shain: Travel with Seasonal Jobs

After college, Susan started working seasonal jobs—at a ski shop in Colorado, as office manager for a sea kayaking company in Alaska—and she was hooked. Several years later, after teaching English abroad, she started her freelance writing career. In this episode, we talk about the pros and cons of seasonal jobs, tips for making a living as a writer, and lots more.

Viv Egan: Location-Independent Expat

Originally from Australia, freelance writer Viv is now based in London with her English partner. We talked about choosing to have a home base, managing Airbnb rentals, how we get clients, and lots more.

Tui Shortland: Helping People Go Native

Tui has been location independent for a year now, mostly working in indigenous issues related to the United Nations. She's also the co-founder of Native XP, the global indigenous tourism platform. Her Nomadtopia allows her to balance home and travel while focusing on her passions. 

Aline Dahmen: Finding a Nomad Soulmate

When Aline first heard about "digital nomads" a few years ago, in her early 20s, it felt like a great fit for her. She started freelancing and has been working while she travels ever since. But there were certainly challenges along the way, including trying to find a partner to share the adventure (she even built an app to help solve this problem!). Tune in as we share our experiences finding love on the road and lots more.

Anna Long: Where Is She Now?

The way we each live our Nomadtopia often changes over time, so I’ve asked Anna back on the show—almost three and a half years after she first joined me in September 2014—to share where she is now. We talked about how things have gone and what’s changed in her Nomadtopia—and why—in the last few years.

Hayden Lee: Europe by Motorcycle

Hayden is currently on an open-ended journey around Europe on his motorcycle, Gloria. He has no plans, and never makes any. He works 1–2 days a week, lives on 500 euros a month, and saves three times that. We talked about planning vs winging it, the most helpful mindset for this type of travel, embracing the low points, and so much more.

Tal Gur: The Art of Fully Living

Tal has been location independent for almost 10 years. He recently completed a 10-year, 100 life-goals journey around the world, tackling financial, physical, and spiritual dreams. We talked about passive income (is it real?), habit hacks, and lots more.

Zaina Brown: Traveling Belly Dancer

Originally from Finland, Zaina has made a career as a traveling belly dancer, working in numerous countries around the Arab world and beyond. She's now based in Thailand and still gets on a plane to belly dance in other countries on a regular basis.

Grace Taylor: Going Independent

In her corporate career, Grace was an expat in three different countries, most recently Ireland. She's now transitioned to running her own location-independent business so she could create more flexibility and better balance time with loved ones and exploring new places. She specialized in US expat tax during her corporate career, and she now works with US expats and digital nomads as an independent tax consultant.

Katrina McGhee: Celebrating the Now

In 2013, Katrina left a well-paying corporate job to take a yearlong career break that ended up lasting 20 months. She returned to the corporate world to be able to finish paying off her debt (and completed her coach training at the same time), and is on the cusp of quitting her job once again to live her Nomadtopia as a location-independent life coach.

Monique Alvarez: Life in Albania

When Monique decided to embrace all of who she is—businesswoman, mother, and traveler—everything clicked into place. A couple years ago, she and her husband moved to Mexico with their two young sons, determined to create life on their own terms. Now they're loving life in Albania, where they continue to balance work, family, and travel.

Anna Lundberg: Reimagining Success

Since quitting her corporate job in 2013, Anna has created a portfolio career that allows her to make money, enjoy her skills and passions, and travel frequently from her base in London.

Eden Rudin: Really Truly Living

In 2013, Eden and her husband moved to Belize, fulfilling a dream to live abroad. After a year there and a year in Nicaragua, they fell into housesitting, which now allows them to travel the world full-time.

Ann Davis: Venture with Impact

A passionate traveler who was eager to give back, Ann created a workation-style company that includes a social impact component. She now splits her time between the different locations where they run programs in South America and Asia.

Kalli and Jacob: Portable Professionals

Kalli and Jacob started traveling full time in 2008 and have been or lived on all seven continents. Their son was born in Mexico City several years ago, and in 2017 they moved to Cape Town, South Africa, with a plan to live there for the next two years.

Paul Strobl: Where Is He Now?

The way we each live our Nomadtopia often changes over time, so I’ve asked Paul back on the show—three years after he first joined me in September 2014—to share where he is now. We talked about how things have gone and what’s changed in his Nomadtopia—and why—in the last few years.

Nancy Levenson: Figuring Out Her Nomadtopia

Freelance writer Nancy took location independence to a whole new level when she joined Remote Year, a program that takes a group of remote workers to 12 cities in 12 months. She’s now gearing up to travel on her own, with a plan to spend half the year at home in Portland, Oregon, and half the year on the road.

Derek Loudermilk: A World of Possibilities

Derek has been a nomad for several years, and is now traveling with his partner, Heidi, and their 10-month-old son, Axel. He’s parlayed his experience as a professional adventurer into various entrepreneurial ventures, and this past summer realized that just three years after quitting grad school, he was actually living the “perfect day” he’d envisioned for himself. Now, he’s exploring a whole world of possibilities for what’s next.

Boom Shikha: DN Course Creator

Boom has been living in Chiang Mai for almost a year and has fully embraced the "DN" (digital nomad) lifestyle. She joined me to talk about creating courses online, breaking through mental blocks, and life in Thailand.

Beck Power: Six-Figure Digital Nomad

Beck is a Kiwi nomad currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. She is the founder of NomadFly and runs several other online businesses as well. In this episode we talk about the "survival mode" that many nomads find themselves in, breaking through income thresholds, the changes and choices that helped her make money, and so much more.

KeeKee Cornelious: All Kinds of Freedom

After starting and running numerous businesses, KeeKee built her consulting business to cater to a location-independent lifestyle. She’s based in San Diego but travels frequently and chooses to live on vacation no matter where she finds herself on the map.

Gabriella and Vernon: Living More with Less

Gabriella and Vernon sold it all and moved their family to Mazatlán, Mexico, in October 2016. They have spent the last ten months growing closer as a family, raising three third-culture kids who are now 4, 5, and 6 years old, building their location-independent businesses, and simply living life on their own terms.

Kit and Nick: 9 Years on the Road

Kit and Nick have been working while traveling the world for nine years. They don't have a home base, and they move around a lot more than some other long-term nomads (like me!). They also co-founded the 7in7 conference for nomads, and joined me to talk about everything from how much we spend each month to travel hacking and other insights from nine years on the road.

Emily Belyea: Led by Freedom

With freedom as her core value, Emily has made intentional choices to create a location-independent life that works for her (and her partner who chooses not to be location independent). We talked about budgeting for the lifestyle, exploring a city via Airbnb, and lots more.

Naomi Hattaway: Life as a Triangle

After several years abroad, Naomi and her family moved back to the States, where she wasn't at all prepared for the challenges of repatriation. Learning about the idea that her experience had shaped her into a "triangle" helped her make sense of it all, and it led to her creating a thriving community of people living global lives. Tune in as we talk about what it means to be a triangle, differing experiences of being an expat (and why she'd like to remove that word from our vocabulary completely), and so much more.

Amy and Guests: Celebrating a Milestone

I never thought I’d end up doing 100 episodes of Nomadtopia Radio, but here we are! To celebrate this milestone, I asked a few nomad friends to join me, and we recorded this episode live on video on August 7, 2017. Tune in as we talk about our nomad lives, our favorite tools, and so much more.

Dan Grec: Overland through Africa

After falling in love with overland travel on the Pan-American Highway, Dan went home to save money for his next adventure: two years overland through 30 countries in Africa. He’s about halfway through his trip and joined me from Cameroon to talk money, logistics, and more.

Valerie Conners: Where Is She Now?

The way we each live our Nomadtopia often changes over time, so I’ve asked Valerie back on the show—two and a half years after she first joined me in February 2015—to share where she is now. We talked about how things have gone and what’s changed in her Nomadtopia (and why) in the last few years.

Luke Benjamin Thomas: Travel Wherever, Whenever

Since he decided he wanted the freedom to travel wherever, whenever, Luke has taken advantage of Working Holiday visas in a number of countries, learned how to talk to pretty much anyone, figured out what it takes to work from anywhere, and lots more.

Naomi Peters: Full-Time Housesitting

Naomi describes herself as a “nomad who likes to nest”—and housesitting is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. She joins me from her current sit in Sydney, Australia, to talk about her triple citizenship, her approach to (and great tips for) housesitting, and lots more.

Marianne Manthey: Long-Term Living Abroad

While living in Colorado, Marianne and her husband came up with the idea to move to Costa Rica. About five years later, with their young son in tow, they finally made it happen. Tune in as we talk about making a change on a long timeline and lots more.

Jessica Broome: Work Challenges on the Road

Jessica learned the hard way that taking your business on the road isn't always as easy as it sounds. After experiencing some challenges on her first adventure abroad, she made some changes and set everything up to run smoothly—and her business and lifestyle have thrived ever since.

Robert Taylor: Nomadic Screenprinter

Robert Taylor is a screenprinter from South Africa. He and his wife are educating their four-year-old on the road as they travel, perfect their craft, and teach others a skill that they can actually use anywhere in the world.

Jodi Ettenberg: The Legal Nomad

After saving money while working as a lawyer for five years, Jodi Ettenberg quit her job in 2008. The plan was to travel the world for a year, but nine years later, she has yet to return to the practice of law. What started as full-time travel, then a nomadic lifestyle while making her living on the road, has morphed into a home base in Oaxaca, Mexico, while she continues to work in food and storytelling.

New Interviews Coming Soon!

Nomadtopia Radio is back! Tune in for a short update from Amy on her travels since last July, plus the inside scoop on what’s next for the podcast.

Nomadtopia Radio: Hiatus 2016

As she prepares to take a break from the podcast, Amy shares her travel plans, tips on some of the logistics of traveling to the U.S. (or anywhere, really), what's next for Nomadtopia Radio, and more.

Britany Felix: About to Hit the Road

Britany and her husband recently sold almost everything they own (including their home) and quit the highest-paying jobs either one of them has ever had. When we talked, they were just about to embark on an open-ended journey around the Western half of the United States in their travel trailer with their two dogs.

Bobby Casey: Personal and Financial Freedom

Lifelong entrepreneur Bobby lives primarily in Latvia these days, and he travels frequently to get the "boots on the ground" experience necessary for his work offering offshore corporate and trust services. He also advises location-independent entrepreneurs on how to properly structure their businesses to minimize taxes and take advantage of global opportunities such as second residency and citizenship options, all of which we talk about in great detail on this episode.

Mel and Armando: Van Life in Europe

American writer Mel and Italian filmmaker Armando met while she was living in the Czech Republic and he in Bulgaria. A couple years later, a few spontaneous decisions found them living and traveling together in a VW T4 Westfalia, and they’ve now been on the road since 2012.

Billy and Akaisha: Retire Early Lifestyle

Billy and Akaisha retired at age 38 in 1991—long before Skype, email, and online bill pay!—and have been traveling the world for the past 25 years. They typically set up housekeeping in a foreign location for a while and then hit the road again for more exploring. Sometimes they house sit, or rent apartments or live out of an apart/hotel for months at a time. Over the years they have survived financial crashes, bear markets, and the Great Recession, and actually have more money today than they did when they first retired.

Carlos Peñalba: The Year He Became a Nomad

Originally from Spain, Carlos Peñalba is a passionate traveler and photographer who quit his job in New York to backpack through Asia for a year. It turned into an 18-month journey, during which he was also launching a new freelance career. After leaving Asia and as he tried to figure out what was next for him, Carlos wrote a memoir about his adventure, The Year I Became a Nomad: A Journey through Asia on a Quest for Freedom, Love and Happiness.

Nicole Liloia: Part-Time Nomad

A former social worker, Nicole is a business strategist + coach who helps entrepreneurs make money doing work they love and create multiple income streams through her program the Authentic Affiliate Academy. She lives in New Jersey full time but travels regularly and takes one-month international trips to experience new countries and escape winter.

Louise Cottrell: Settling into Nomad Life

After 4+ years living in Argentina, developing location-independent skills, and taking a few trial runs, Louise is back on the nomad train. This year will be full of new (and old) countries, as well as the first time nomading with her partner. They only have tentative plans/ideas of where they’re going through winter. After that they’re not sure; they may even pick a base to stay for a while (but not Buenos Aires!).

Michelle Jackson: Creating Lifestyle Flexibility

Before she made the switch to digital entrepreneurship, Michelle had a long commute, was stressed out, had family problems that prohibited her from leaving her job, and felt rootless. Then, she began blogging about personal finance and was introduced to the idea of digital entrepreneurship and lifestyle design, fell in love with the idea, and never looked back. Now she is growing a digital business helping people who are working on quitting their 9-to-5 but can't quit yet. And although Michelle loves to travel and live abroad, right now her goal is to get further connected to her community in Denver.

Barry and Simone: Experiments in Nomadism

Barry and Simone started their location-independent life by accident in 2012. They now split their time moving between Scotland (where they met) and Australia (where she is from) each year, by spending a few months in different locations each time. While they travel, Barry runs several businesses and Simone sometimes works with him, sometimes teaches English, and sometimes temps as an executive assistant.

Rebecca Tracey: An Uncaged Life

After starting her most recent business while living in a van, Rebecca has created a flexible lifestyle that allows her to balance rock-climbing trips, running retreats, and other adventures with time at home.

Ebonie Allard: 99% Location Independent

Ebonie is an author, a coach, and an entrepreneur. She’s currently settled in Brighton, England, but incorporates a lot of travel into her location-independent business and lifestyle. Tune in to learn about the 1% that’s not location independent and much more.

Emily McGee: An Adaptable Career

Emily set herself up as a location-independent freelance writer so she’d be ready to go anywhere her husband's job might take them, and they’re currently living in Maputo, Mozambique, with their two-year-old daughter (and another baby on the way!). Although she considers herself a digital nomad by circumstance, not by choice, Emily loves living overseas and working remotely.

Amy Love: Real Food Road Trip

Amy and her husband made the transition from living the typical life in suburbia to organic farmers in New Hampshire to now location-independent entrepreneurs. They are currently on a two-plus-year road trip across the US and Canada with a focus on discovering great real food spots and natural beauty, connecting with their online community, and more.

Jeremy Jacobson: Financially Independent Nomad

Jeremy and his wife, Winnie, achieved financial independence and retired in their thirties so they could travel and start a family. With their one-year-old son they now travel slowly, eating their way around the world.

Amy Truong: Collecting Moments and Experiences

Amy has found a way to make her love for travel a lifestyle by running a travel blog and a travel planning service while keeping a full-time remote job. She has been to more than 22 countries, mostly traveling solo, and is considering setting up a base in Hawaii.

Erin McNeaney: On a Never Ending Voyage

Erin sold everything she owned and left the UK in 2010 to travel the world with her partner, Simon. They mix living in one place for a few months with faster periods of travel and have travelled to more than 30 countries with just their carry-on backpacks while running a popular travel blog, Never Ending Voyage, and creating iPhone apps like Trail Wallet.

Melissa D. Jones: A Woman with Wanderlust

After years of squeezing every minute of travel possible into her vacation time, Melissa loves being her own boss and working from anywhere, which means she doesn’t have to ask for permission or time off to continue exploring. You’ll find her enjoying her home base, Portland, Oregon, when she’s not roaming the globe.

Nicole Harlow: Reverse Engineering Location Independence

After trying out a number of different living arrangements, including Berlin and living in a van in the U.S., and setting everything up so she could live and work anywhere, Nicole and her partner ended up in the tiny island nation of Malta, where she’s loving life and running her location-independent web design business.

Tommy Joiner: English Teacher to Nomad Entrepreneur

Tommy started his adventure abroad teaching English in South Korea. Eventually he landed in Medellin, Colombia, which is now his home base for further travels while he runs a content marketing agency and helps freelancers transition from side income to a full-time living.

Nick and Gen: Nomadic Couplepreneurs

After starting a successful online business (and getting burned out and losing sight of their bigger goals along the way), Nick and Gen decided to try out a more nomadic lifestyle. They discovered that it allowed for more inspiration and creativity (and time off), so they sold everything and now run two full-time businesses together while traveling full-time.

Hannah Vallance: A Life of Love, Play & Work

Since having their daughter in 2013 (and with a second child on the way), Hannah and her husband, Chris, have seen their travel lifestyle change to involve longer spells living in one new place rather than constantly traveling like many nomads do. They occasionally return to their flat in the UK for a few months at a time, and spend other periods focused on travel and living overseas.

Eli David: A Dedicated Nomad

Since he became a nomad in early 2011, Eli has been changing locations every two months. He almost always chooses to go to new places rather than ones he’s been to before, and over the years he has created a set of “rules” to guide his lifestyle that allow him to work on his businesses, connect with locals, and explore his surroundings.

Caz Makepeace: Creating a Life of Travel

Since she was a teenager, Caz has made travel a priority in her life. As a solo traveler, then with her husband, Craig, and now with two young daughters, the travels have continued—and along the way, she and Craig have built one of the world’s most successful travel blogs. Their most recent adventure was an 18-month road trip around their home country of Australia, and they’re already gearing up for their next road trip in the U.S. in late 2016.

Jasper Ribbers: The Traveling Dutchman

Jasper travels the world while renting out his apartment in Amsterdam on Airbnb. He spends most of his time between Asia, the US, and South America. He typically stays put for a month or two in a city to focus on work, alternating that with a few weeks of scuba diving.

Lewis Smith: The Itinerant Developer

A honeymoon in Thailand led Lewis and his wife, Jenny, to quit their jobs to start traveling, which turned into more than three years on the road. They have recently returned to the UK, where Lewis has taken on a six-month contract job, and they’re finding that just as travel gives you a better perspective on your home country, being home gives you a better perspective on your travel!

Shannon Martin: Balancing Each Partner’s Needs

Shannon and her husband currently live in Shanghai, China, where she is a freelance writer and he teaches English and business skills. They enjoy being serial expats, settling down somewhere but being able to travel and try new places after a while. This allows them to balance the needs/career of one partner who is more location independent and one who really needs/wants to do his job in person.

Aglaée Jacob: Nomadic Life as a Family

Aglaée and her husband have been digital nomads on and off since 2010, both before and after their son was born. She is also a registered dietitian whose work has been greatly influenced by her travels. In 2015 her family spent time in rural Québec and Costa Rica, with more adventures planned for the coming year.

James Ranson: Holding Still to Move Forward

James is currently based in St. Louis, Missouri, but from July 2014 to July 2015 he was on a road trip around the US. He stopped perpetual travel to focus more closely on building his business. While he can work from anywhere, James has found that he doesn’t have to be on the road all the time in order to be location independent, and he’s created a lifestyle that offers him both the security of having a place of his own and the flexibility to travel when he wants.

Amy Scott: Founder of Nomadtopia

As the host of Nomadtopia Radio, I’m busy interviewing lots of other nomads and I don’t often have the chance to share more of my own background and experiences. So to celebrate Episode 60 of the podcast and the first of 2016, I invited my friend Jill Sessa (whom I interviewed in December 2014) to come on the show to turn the tables and interview me. Jill did an amazing job digging into the back story of how my own Nomadtopia came into being back in 2004, my early days as a freelancer, meeting my husband in Argentina, how we travel together, the pressure I sometimes feel to fit a certain profile or image as a nomad, and so much more.

Vicky White: A Spacious Nomadic Life

After spending most of her adult life outside her native New Zealand, Vicky moved back in 2014 and is now enjoying a nomadic lifestyle living in a bus and traveling around the country. Along the way she realized she didn’t want to continue her coaching business, and that thanks to her simplified lifestyle she doesn’t need to work right now, giving her even more freedom.

Tamala Huntley: Figuring It Out as She Goes

Now a web developer and digital marketing strategist, Tamala first started exploring the world of online business as a side hustle in the late ’90s, and she’s been location independent since 2010. All along, she’s been motivated by a deep desire for freedom, and in 2015 that led to her first international adventure in Costa Rica. When we talked she was back in the States, regrouping and figuring out what’s next.

Yasmine Khater: Creating Systems and Bucket Lists

Yasmine has lived in eight countries and describes herself as “a typical third culture kid trying to find my place.” She’s on a mission to visit every country, and is currently traveling to connect with friends she’s met all over the world. As she travels, she continues to work helping small business owners develop systems to scale their businesses, and she enjoys developing a daily routine to work and live like locals do wherever she goes.

Marc Freccero: Nomadic DJ

DJ/music producer and entrepreneur Marc Freccero spent 10 months visiting 10 major cities in the U.S. and produced a song about each city that was his personal reflection of that city's ambience, culture, musical influence, and vibe. Not only that, he did the whole journey on a lean budget and while living out of his van. Stay tuned to the end to hear a clip from “GPS,” the bonus track Marc created once the trip was over.

Mollie Conway: Remote Working for Flexibility and Stability

Mollie negotiated with her employer to work remotely so she could continue furthering her own professional development while also supporting her husband as he does the same (he's a pro baseball player and spends six months a year on the road). They keep a home base in Nashville, Tennessee, and Mollie has found that no matter the city, the team, or the time zone, being a digital nomad has enabled her to thrive professionally and personally.

Danny Flood: Building an Open World

Danny has been a nomad since 2011 and has been based in Thailand for almost a year. He enjoys finding ways to hack everything from sleep to email, and while he travels he writes books, records podcasts, creates video courses, and is launching a digital magazine to help people live the life of their dreams.

Shawn Tuttle: The Natural Professional

In 2013, Shawn rented out her house, got rid of most of her stuff, and shifted to an online business model. Ever since, she has been wandering the world while running her coaching business. She’s passionate about the work she does, and she’s passionate about exploring new places, so she takes an intuitive approach to deciding when to move and when to stop.