More Than 50 Gifts for Nomads

December 6, 2019|

I asked experienced travelers, nomads, expats, and future nomads to share their suggestions for the best gifts for nomads.
If you’ve ever struggled with what to buy for the avid traveler or nomad in your life, this is for you.
And if you’re tired of your family and friends complaining that you’re difficult to shop for, just send them this post.

Tired of the “every man for himself” vibe of the internet?

January 11, 2018|

Amongst the veiled (or not so veiled) promotion and other noise of the internet, it’s hard to get the information you need. The anonymity of the internet also seems to give people permission to be assholes, and makes it harder to find a safe space to share your dreams and struggles. But there are great communities out there, if you can find them.

Finding Online Communities Where You Truly Belong

January 8, 2018|

Because many people in our lives don’t understand our goals or lifestyle, and we’re often moving around—which sometimes makes it harder to meet like-minded people in person—it makes sense for nomads and location-independent professionals to seek out community online. But it can be hard to find places where we feel like we truly belong. 

Why Is It So Hard to Make Your Dreams a Reality?

December 13, 2017|

Here at Nomadtopia, I talk to a lot of people who are working toward big goals. Maybe they’re dreaming of living abroad, or traveling long-term, or just setting everything up so they can head to the beach for a month every winter. The dream is exciting, but the day-to-day ins and outs of making it happen can feel like a real uphill slog. They’re feeling alone, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Why is it so hard? Here are a few of the specific issues I see these people struggling with as they work to make their dreams a reality.

How to Handle Multiple Time Zones in Google Calendar and Online Schedulers

August 3, 2017|

Nomadic or not, you might be one of the many people in the world who communicate and even work with people in different time zones. Add your (or their) travel into the mix, and it gets even more complicated keeping track of it all. I'm constantly coordinating with people in other time zones, and over the years I’ve found some helpful tools to stay on top of time zones when working and/or traveling internationally.

Nomads in Europe: What I Wish I’d Known about #Vanlife

May 26, 2016|

Guest post from Mel Candea! In 2012, the term ‘digital nomad’ was only being loosely toyed with; the (hashtag) ‘vanlife’ revolution hadn’t truly begun; and we had no clue how we’d travel. We just knew that we had to. If I were sitting across from then-me, armed with what I know now, I’d have a few pivotal points of advice.

The Nomadtopia Packing List

April 8, 2016|

A look inside my bags: everything I pack for our extended travels, plus lots of additional info about the luggage I use, why we check our bags, and things I've added and gotten rid of over the years.