Fabian Dittrich: Running a nomad company

//Fabian Dittrich: Running a nomad company

Fabian Dittrich: Running a nomad company

Fabian longed to travel and have more work/life balance, so when his employer wouldn’t give him the scaled-back hours he asked for, he started his own company. He and his team are just wrapping up seven months on the road in South America, where they’ve been running the business and gathering stories about people reinventing work and education for their project Startup Diaries.

Fabian Dittrich

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In This Episode

  • How he became location independent
  • How running a nomad company is different than being a solo digital nomad
  • Handling Skype calls and getting connected while on the road
  • How the way he thinks about work has changed
  • Tools that save time and mental space
  • Some of the cool people they’ve met while working on their documentary project, Startup Diaries
  • La Oficina, the Land Rover that was their home and office in South America
  • And much more

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences

Being stuck in the desert with the car, using the winch to get out, having forgotten about a go-live call with a corporate customer in Las Vegas, making it at the last second to a rundown cybercafe in Nazca where eight-year-old kids were playing Counterstrike and being noisy, me not having showered for three days… Not having wifi and having to run back to the car to get an ethernet adapter, making it just on time for the call, keeping one finger always on the mute button to mute when I wasn’t talking… Everything went fine, customer happy, back into desert. 🙂

Biggest Surprise along the Way

That we are able to handle the same or more workload even while constantly on the move and making a documentary. We work more efficiently and don’t stretch out tasks, because there is so much else to do.

Resources We Talked About

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Fabian’s Links

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