Nathan Agin of Nonstop Awesomeness has spent the last two years traveling around the U.S. and getting healthier than ever. He’s also been meditating every day for more than 900 days—an impressive feat for anyone, nomad or not!

I recently connected with Nathan on Skype to talk about how, and why, he stays healthy on the road, and his commitment to helping others do the same. He even gave me a short Optimal Living Audit, so you’ll get the inside scoop on my life and hear Nathan’s tips to help me make some changes.

In Part 1 of our conversation, you’ll learn:

  • How Nathan has greatly improved his health (even while traveling)
  • How to create routines that still allow for day-to-day flexibility
  • Why it’s important to be in optimal health, whether you’re on the road or not

In Part 2, we talk about:

  • My typical day and what I’d like to change
  • How to meet your health goals while also being a gracious guest and getting to sample local foods
  • How to start any new practice and set yourself up for success
  • Why Nathan created his show, “Travel. Eat. Thrive.”

UPDATE: Nathan’s publishing a cookbook! Find out more here.

Click here to receive Nathan’s free PDF, Optimal Living Rules of the Road, and a discount on your own Optimal Living audit.

Resources: In the video Nathan suggests using a break reminder when you’re spending long stretches on the computer. He uses Time Out for Mac, and I found a couple Windows-based options too. Nathan also mentioned a book about eating safely around the world, The Food Traveler’s Handbook by Jodi Ettenberg.

What about you? In the comments below, post your own tips for staying healthy on the road, or let us know what your biggest challenge is in balancing health and travel.