Think You’re Not a Nomad? Think Again…

September 9, 2013 | , ,

I hear from a lot of people who say, “I don’t want to travel the way you do, but something about the freedom and flexibility of Nomadtopia still resonates with me.”

When I hear this, I think, perfect!

These people have already identified what kind of lifestyle they don’t want, which is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Much better to recognize you don’t want to travel long-term like I (sometimes) do than to convince yourself it’s what you want and be totally miserable. (Or maybe you’re pretty sure you’d love it, but you’re just not willing or able to do it right now, and that’s OK too.)

If this sounds like you, don’t click away just yet! Nomadtopia has something to offer you, too.

I’m not necessarily espousing a life of nomadic travel for everyone. But I believe many people have a nomadic soul that is begging to be expressed in some way, and that expression is different for everyone.

I want to help you find the lifestyle that’s right for you.

During my interview with Greg Berg of Radio Enso, I shared my definition of the word nomad:

A nomad is someone who goes where they can find what they’re looking for.

So when you think about it that way, you might discover that you’re more of a nomad than you thought you were!

After all, you might want to be able to go where you can get the artistic community you crave, or Pad Thai from a street vendor in Bangkok, or community with others, or some rest and relaxation. Or maybe all you need right now is a comfortable home base (and the freedom to leave it if you change your mind!).

By my definition, a nomad might:

  • take her family on an extended trip to visit good friends every summer
  • take a sabbatical to work on a passion project
  • be able to travel if a dear relative has a health crisis and needs someone to take care of her
  • homeschool his children so they can travel frequently to visit family abroad
  • keep a home base but travel as much as possible
  • work really hard and then take time off to travel
  • volunteer for a month every summer
  • sell her house to travel indefinitely
  • easily follow his spouse who gets offered a great job in a different city
  • make herself available as a pet- and house-sitter for friends all over the world
  • spend part of the year in a favorite place abroad
  • take seasonal jobs in different places to satisfy his need for variety and adventure
  • simplify things at home so she can easily take advantage of cool opportunities that arise
  • …the possibilities are endless!

I describe Nomadtopia as “your ideal life, anywhere in the world.” It’s the embodiment of your passion for freedom, exploration, and whatever else is important to you.

The truth is, no matter what your Nomadtopia looks like, the more flexible you are, the more freedom you have to do any of the above (or anything else that strikes your fancy) at any time.

And when you step out of your normal routine (and, in many cases, your normal surroundings), there will be things to take care of, like making sure you have Internet access (or knowing how to handle not having it), paying bills, taking care of yourself, staying connected, and so much more. Not to mention the fear and uncertainty that often arises at the same time!

So stick around.

I’m here to help you figure out what your ideal life—your Nomadtopia—looks like, and give you the tools, inspiration, and confidence to live it.

Even if you’re not the hard-core-traveler kind of nomad, if you’d like more freedom in your life to do things like those on the list above, Nomadtopia is here to help!

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Get the Top 10 Logistical Things You Need to do before becoming a nomad