Amy Love: Real Food Road Trip

April 27, 2016 |

Amy and her husband made the transition from living the typical life in suburbia to organic farmers in New Hampshire to now location-independent entrepreneurs. They are currently on a two-plus-year road trip across the US and Canada with a focus on discovering great real food spots and natural beauty, connecting with their online community, and more.

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences
Honestly, just how amazing and beautiful this country is and all that it has to offer has been so profound for us. I can’t pick one specific experience (there have been numerous adventures, to say the least), but it’s all been such an incredible experience that we would not have been able to dream of just a few years ago.

Biggest Surprise along the Way
How quickly the time moves in each of our destinations! I always feel like there is so much more to see than we are able to experience when we are in a location for a week or two. Since we have expanded how long we see ourselves traveling this way, we will be extending our time in each place to around 4–6 weeks and even up to 12 weeks seasonally in some locations. We knew the first two years would be faster paced, so we could see as much as possible in our time on the road, and it’s been great to find places we can’t wait to revisit.

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In this episode

  • Questioning the typical life path
  • Setting up a location-independent lifestyle
  • Creating (and giving up) their organic farm
  • Deciding on RV life and nitty-gritty details of getting started
  • Costs and logistics of RV life
  • What the Real Food Road Trip is all about
  • Running their business and staying productive on the road
  • And much more
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