Bobby Casey: Personal and Financial Freedom

July 13, 2016 |

Lifelong entrepreneur Bobby lives primarily in Latvia these days, and he travels frequently to get the “boots on the ground” experience necessary for his work offering offshore corporate and trust services. He also advises location-independent entrepreneurs on how to properly structure their businesses to minimize taxes and take advantage of global opportunities such as second residency and citizenship options, all of which we talk about in great detail on this episode.

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences
Too hard to pick one, to be honest. Snowmobiling in Siberia and breaking through the ice crossing a river was quite memorable—I was told if I had gone under, the body would likely never have been found. My car breaking down in Anguilla and having at least four people stop on the road to offer help without expecting anything in return (amazingly friendly people). Going to a cowboy-western concert at a true saloon in the mountains of Switzerland on a whim. Swimming in the Adriatic sea. Riding camels in Morocco.

Biggest Surprise along the Way
Learning that some friends and family really don’t support you and your choices when it veers too far away from their own lifestyles. Learning that people are just people everywhere in the world. Everyone wants to have people they love and that love them, a nice quality of life, and experiences to remember. Even though cultures can be dramatically different, people deep down are the same.

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In this episode

  • How he caught the travel bug and eventually became location independent
  • Why minimizing taxes and protecting assets is so important
  • How getting residency/citizenship in other countries plays into taxes and investing
  • Good countries/options to consider for a second residency or passport
  • What he loves about Medellín, Colombia
  • Citizenship vs residency
  • Whether wealth protection matters when you don’t have a lot to protect
  • And much more
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Resources we talked about

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