Luke Benjamin Thomas: Travel Wherever, Whenever

//Luke Benjamin Thomas: Travel Wherever, Whenever

Luke Benjamin Thomas: Travel Wherever, Whenever

Since he decided he wanted the freedom to travel wherever, whenever, Luke has taken advantage of Working Holiday visas in a number of countries, learned how to talk to pretty much anyone, figured out what it takes to work from anywhere, and lots more.

NOTE: Some of the language in this episode may not be suitable for work or children!

In This Episode

  • How Luke ran his first business into the ground
  • Traveling on Working Holiday visas
  • How travel made Luke more extroverted
  • Luke’s tips for meeting/talking to people
  • Biggest challenges in his Nomadtopia
  • Resources that helped him create his Nomadtopia
  • And so much more

Resources We Talked About

Luke’s Top 3 Travel Tips

  1. Don’t say no when people invite you to do things.
  2. Shop for flights and travel insurance.
  3. Don’t stick to tourist spots.

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