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Exploring online can be just as exciting as exploring offline. It’s a jungle in there, with so many hidden treasures just waiting to be uncovered, including insightful articles, helpful videos, useful tools, and some hilarious and amazing things too.

For your Friday reading and viewing pleasure, here are some of the most interesting, helpful, touching, funny, and unique things I’ve come across online recently.


pocket-logoI often wish I had a way to save blog posts and online articles for later reading when I’m offline, like on an airplane or somewhere else without Wi-Fi (yes, they still exist!). I have tried using Evernote for this, but I don’t want to pay for a premium account just to get offline access. I was immediately sold on Pocket (which is free) because it syncs between my phone and computer, and everything is available offline. Woohoo!

11 Words with No English Equivalent

depaysementI love learning about other languages. There’s simply no substitute/translation for a word that explains something just right, like dépaysement.

Did She Just Sing Chords!?

I’m not a music expert or much of a singer, but I am an aficionado, and this is amazing!

A Week of Groceries in Different Countries

chinamealThis series of photos (there’s also a related book) takes you on a journey into the pantries of families around the world. It’s fascinating to see the differences in quantities and types of foods. If you like this, also check out two similarly intriguing books, Material World (including portraits of families outside their homes with all their possessions) and Women in the Material World.

Lipdub Proposal

I am a total sucker for this stuff. (Warning: you might want to have a tissue handy!)

Living an Abundant Life on a Budget

When I shared this article on the Nomadtopia Facebook page, someone said that this article’s use of the word poor didn’t sit very well with her, because what’s described in the article is a far cry from true poverty. It’s a fair point, but the article is still well worth reading.

19 Idiotic (But Real) Travel Complaints

Some of these are just mind-blowing… It’s hard to pick favorites, but this one cracked me up: “It took us nine hours to fly home from Jamaica to England. It took the Americans only three hours to get home. This seems unfair.”


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