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Staying on Top of It All as You Build Your Nomadtopia

July 1, 2021 |

There are a lot of decisions to make when you’re building a location-independent lifestyle, and you’ll likely be gathering loads of information to help you make those decisions. And those decisions and information will be accompanied by plenty of questions! So how do you stay on top of it all?

First, choose a system/platform that works for you.

Maybe you’ll gather notes and information in Evernote, for example, and capture all your Nomadtopia-related tasks in Asana. Or maybe you’ll create a Trello board for things to do and keep notes in a paper notebook. There’s no right answer; just be sure you’ve made a conscious choice about how you’re going to manage notes, information, and tasks and be consistent so you can always find what you need.

Then, do a brain dump to get it all out of your head and into your preferred system.

Include everything you can think of: things that need to be done, decisions you need to make, questions you have or things that you need to research, anything you’re worried about, etc.

Once it’s all out of your head, organize it, get specific, and break things down into manageable pieces to make it easier to stay on track and take action. Get clear on what your top priorities are at the moment and what the best next step is to address each of them.


P.S. The Nomadtopia Collective is a great place to get help with those questions and decisions. We’re a supportive, friendly mix of new and experienced nomads and expats who know just what you’re going through. Click here to get more info and join us!

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Get the Top 10 Logistical Things You Need to do before becoming a nomad