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What does “home” mean to a nomad?

February 11, 2021 |

During the How to Work from Anywhere Workshop I led a couple weeks ago, one of the participants shared her challenge in deciding whether to keep a home base as she steps into her Nomadtopia. In the Collective, one member is considering buying a new base, another is debating selling hers, and another is selling right now! It’s a big question, logistically and financially, and shapes a lot of other aspects of one’s location-independent lifestyle.

“Home” can refer to physical places—where you’re staying or living right now or your home base, where you were born and/or grew up, where your parents or family live—and there’s also that more ephemeral sense of being “home” or having a “home.” And home often ties in to our sense of belonging, which many psychologists consider to be a basic human need.

For nomads, “home” is rarely a straightforward concept in any sense of the word! I know I’m not the only one who’s stumbled over questions like “Where do you live?” “Where are you from?” or “Where’s home?”

Exploring “home” (which we’re doing in the Collective this month) can help us answer those challenging-to-us questions, and it can also shape our Nomadtopia to understand what “home” means to us and how/whether to incorporate it into our lifestyle.

Here are some questions I invite you to consider:

  • What does it mean to you to have a home?
  • Is having a home important to you?
  • What place(s) feel like home? Where do you feel like you belong?


It’s okay if you don’t have quick answers to these questions (I sure don’t!). Mull them over, see what arises, and consider how it might inform the lifestyle you’re building.

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