What Moves You?

August 2, 2011 |

The buzz these days is all about gathering our tribe—our raving fans who will follow us, love us, and want to support everything we do. Sounds great, right? So how do we do it?

By finding what moves us, what pushes us to want to do great things. By being ourselves—our unique and interesting and fun yet professional and responsible selves. For each of us our tribe will gather, made up of people who are moved by what moves us (or who are simply drawn to the fact that something moves us!).

We’re trained to think we need to follow a certain model or fit a traditional mold in order to get a job, to get hired, to make money, to be successful.

We focus so much on trying to fit others’ expectations that we hide our true colors, the ideas and tattoos and dreams that make us stand out (and we really DO want to stand out!).

We fail to recognize that it’s exactly those unique things that make us who we are. They’re what make people like us, want to connect with us, and, yes, want to work with us. It’s so much easier to be yourself—your whole self—rather than compartmentalizing your personality into “work,” “play,” “family,” etc.

Showing up to everything you do as your whole self makes your work, your life, and every day completely authentic, completely in line with what’s important to you. As a result, your best work, using your best talents, will flow naturally.

Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t be ashamed or think you need to hide away some part of yourself. It might be the one missing ingredient that makes people understand you, appreciate you, and want to join your tribe—and that’s what we all want, isn’t it? An incredible group of people who get it? Who like us for who we are?

So, what moves you? Who are you? Figure out how to share all of yourself with the world, and go for it. Those that matter will love you for it.

What moves me? Having the freedom to create the life I want. It’s actually taken me a long time to fully embrace it, but the truth is that the word nomad is essential to my core values, my lifestyle, and my world view. What moves you may be different, but perhaps the philosophy behind it, the dedication to being your true self and living your best life (and creating your best work), is the same.

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Get the Top 10 Logistical Things You Need to do before becoming a nomad