Annette is a freelance journalist from Ireland who lived in France for many years and has been living a nomadic lifestyle since January 2013. She spends most of her time in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia, staying in small hotels and homestays, with friends, or cat-sitting. She writes mainly about environmental and human rights issues, as well as health and well-being.

In This Episode

  • Challenges of a nomadic lifestyle
  • Keeping possessions pared down
  • Her experience as an older nomad
  • Traveling as a single woman
  • Spreading awareness on environmental and human and animal rights issues
  • Ways to get involved in local and global issues
  • Traveling as a vegetarian
  • And so much more


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As a journalist, Annette is used to having to strike up conversations with strangers to get information and build relationships. In this bonus mp3, she shares her tips for meeting people on the road.

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Couchsurfing, Warm Showers

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences

Watching a friend who rescues koalas releasing a koala back into the wild after treatment in a hospital. I was also very excited to see orangutan nests and elephant footprints in the jungle in Sumatra. I have yet to see an actual orangutan or an elephant in the wild, but hopefully that day will come.

Biggest Surprise along the Way

One of the surprises is the comments friends in Europe make sometimes. Two friends literally asked me recently, “Do you not want to know where you will die?!” Well, no, I don’t really. And, unless they never go out of the house, no one does anyway. Another surprise is that I feel more “at home” now in Asia than in Europe.

Resources We Talked About

Additional resources

Organizations Annette would urge people to support:

Travel sites Annette recommends:

For vegetarians and vegans in Malaysia:

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