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47 Ways to Get One Step Closer to Location Independence

March 14, 2013 | , ,


There’s a lot to do to create a lifestyle that allows you to live anywhere in the world. It’s easy to get bogged down and feel like you’ll never get there.

Making any big dream a reality starts with taking small steps. The key is to take action, slowly but surely.

Here are some small steps you can take right away to get you one step closer to your Nomadtopia.

Read through this list and pick one thing that you know you can do today. Some of the suggestions might not apply to your situation, but maybe they’ll remind you of another small step you can take.

  1. Apply for a passport
  2. Get rid of at least two articles of clothing
  3. Sign up for a Skype account
  4. Bring your lunch
  5. Make a list of everything you won’t need in Nomadtopia
  6. Research house-sitting opportunities
  7. Describe your ideal day in Nomadtopia
  8. Give away three (or more) books
  9. Make a list of what you’ll take with you when you hit the road
  10. Contact a real estate agent about putting your house on the market
  11. Ask your boss if you can work remotely
  12. Research new laptops
  13. Make a list of three places you’d like to go in your Nomadtopia
  14. Make an extra credit card payment
  15. Contact three people who might need your services
  16. Sign up for online banking
  17. Ask someone you trust if they will take care of mail, etc. while you’re gone
  18. Create a profile on or Airbnb
  19. Don’t go shopping after work
  20. Make a simple home repair you’ve been putting off
  21. Talk to your partner about your dream
  22. Call your bank to find out about any fees for using foreign ATMs or making purchases abroad
  23. Create a dream/vision board of your ideal life
  24. Check your apartment lease to see if subletting is allowed and confirm when your lease ends
  25. Connect with people already living their Nomadtopia
  26. Raise your prices
  27. Find out if you can get your cell phone unlocked to use abroad
  28. Research storage units in your area
  29. Talk to someone who’s living a life you admire
  30. Buy a domain name for your new online home
  31. Research international travel with pets
  32. Start learning a language
  33. Take photos of your home and create a profile on
  34. Call the Salvation Army to come pick up those boxes
  35. Declutter one drawer in your house
  36. Make a savings goal
  37. Talk to your kids about your idea
  38. Research blue-book prices so you can sell your car
  39. Place an inspiring photo in your wallet to remind you to save money to reach your dream
  40. Create a budget
  41. Start a blog
  42. Scan your important papers
  43. Research rental agencies where you can list your home
  44. Book a short trip to scout out a potential location
  45. Cancel your cable subscription
  46. Brainstorm ways you can make money in your Nomadtopia
  47. Decide what you need to have in place in order to quit your job

Bookmark this page so you can come back to it anytime you get stuck and need new ideas to keep you moving forward!

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