Kylie Bevan: Happy and healthy wherever she is

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Kylie Bevan: Happy and healthy wherever she is

Longtime traveler and expat Kylie has relocated more than 15 times. Wanting to build more international experiences into their lives, her family jumped at the opportunity to move to Tonga in the South Pacific. Kylie, her husband, and their two school-age daughters have been enjoying life there for nearly a year, and are excited to see where their next adventure will take them.

Kylie Bevan

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In This Episode

  • Taking an in-person business online
  • Combining her health and travel backgrounds into a new niche
  • Life in Tonga
  • Her children’s experiences moving/living abroad
  • Following dietary restrictions when you travel
  • Traveling with your must-have items
  • What she loves most about their lifestyle
  • And much more

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences

Since bringing two daughters into the world, my husband and I have become a team, with me kicking and screaming in discovering that he is best positioned to bring in the money, while I am best suited to family duties (social plans, school involvement, food prep, shopping)—not quite matching my Type A personality, but allowing me a career change into health and wellness.

When he was offered a new role overseas in April 2014, it was an opportunity for me to make my health coaching business a location-independent one. Having relocated more than 15 times, across Australia, Canada, UK, Papua New Guinea and Tonga, I discovered with the recent move that it doesn’t come easily for many. So I wrote a book to help those moving do so in a confident, capable, healthy way, called Your Relocation Solution: Be Healthy and Happy Wherever You Are.

Now I have the privilege of being involved in lifestyle transformations around the world, while I sit in my fale in Tonga, with views of the ocean, our adopted dogs at the door, and the wonderful knowledge that many more locations await.

Biggest Surprise along the Way

I expect too much of internet connectivity in developing countries.
Children are often more resilient than their parents.

Resources We Talked About

  • Zoom, an alternative to Skype
  • Episode of Nomadtopia Radio with Gustav Andersson about board games

Kylie’s Links

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  1. Nandji July 17, 2015 at 12:52 am - Reply

    Very interesting!!! Happiness as the positive range of emotions that we feel when we are content or full of joy.

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