Elizabeth intentionally created a business that fits the lifestyle she wants to live. As a location-independent lawyer for small businesses, she manages a remote team and takes lots of road trips—and she actually understands this nomad stuff! In this information-packed conversation we cover topics like where to set up your business in the U.S. if you’re traveling domestically or abroad, state taxes when you’re moving all over the country, and how nomads can deal with old-school things like taxes, insurance, and contracts.


In This Episode

  • Where to set up your business in the U.S. if you’re traveling domestically or abroad
  • U.S. state taxes when spending time in multiple states
  • Contracts with clients in different locations
  • Legal concerns for joint ventures, partnerships, and in-person events
  • Liability insurance for nomads
  • Online contracts, terms and conditions, etc.
  • And so much more

Resources We Talked About

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