Liz Scully

Liz Scully: The thrills and challenges of not living anywhere

October 8, 2014 |

Liz Scully has been location independent for several years, but she recently gave up having a central base. This has led to a different set of challenges, as she continues to discover all the ways the world isn’t really set up for someone who has no permanent home, not to mention someone who doesn’t actually legally live anywhere! Tune in as Liz and I talk about everything from avoiding holiday madness to losing your luggage.

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences
I launched my Career Course in February this year at the same time as I needed to refresh my visa for India, so I had the perfect excuse to fly to Thailand to film the launch videos. And because they were directly linked to my business, I felt totally justified to stay somewhere really nice, so the locations looked lovely. And it worked, too: lots of people commented on the amazing place I was filming!

Biggest Surprise along the Way
Doing a real move from place to place is not the cheapest way to live—although it’s easy to move, there’s always a set-up cost wherever you go. Getting a new bank account, stocking up on essentials (yet again), and even getting a new SIM card for my phone and the correct currency always costs a bit more than I expect and takes longer than I plan for, every time. (You’d think I’d learn, but apparently not!)

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In this episode

  • Dealing with cold weather when you’re used to the tropics
  • Living in India and why she left
  • Going to places where you don’t support the government/politics/culture
  • Getting (and keeping) a UK non-resident certificate
  • Dealing with immigration and border crossings as a nomad
  • What’s in her “world’s heaviest hand luggage”
  • Buying clothes abroad
  • And much more
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