Location Independence, No Sugar Daddy Required

April 11, 2013 | ,

There’s a message I’ve heard bandied about by a lot of women in online business, freelance, and entrepreneurial circles: It’s harder for me, because I’m on my own (aka I don’t have a man to support me while this business takes off).

I’ve heard from friends that they never would have made it as a freelancer if their husband hadn’t been paying the bills. I know women who have plenty of time to grow their business because someone else is supporting them.

That’s great, and lucky them.

But it’s not the only way. You don’t need a man (or a woman) to survive in business.

And I hate seeing people use this an excuse to not do what they really want.

Since I quit my job in 2004, I have paid my own way. I have been responsible for making enough money to cover all of my expenses, and I’ve made it work.

Sure, lots of things are easier when you’re in a dual-income household and someone can pick up the slack while the other person goes to school, starts a business, or takes time off.

But if you’re not in that position right now, you can still start a business, quit your job, move abroad, or anything else you dream of.

I feel like a broken record on this point, but the best way to start a business—and be able to sustain it—is to keep your expenses low. Not just your business expenses, but all of your bills. Reduce your housing costs. Get a second job. Sell the car. Move somewhere with a lower cost of living. (Yes, these are all things I’ve done to stay afloat.)

You’ll have to work hard, and it might take longer to reach the next stage, but it’ll be worth it. In fact, you might become successful even faster because your life depends on it!

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