Mollie Conway: Remote Working for Flexibility and Stability

December 2, 2015 |

Mollie negotiated with her employer to work remotely so she could continue furthering her own professional development while also supporting her husband as he does the same (he’s a pro baseball player and spends six months a year on the road). They keep a home base in Nashville, Tennessee, and Mollie has found that no matter the city, the team, or the time zone, being a digital nomad has enabled her to thrive professionally and personally.

Note: Some of the language in this episode may not be suitable for work or children!

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences
While in Nashville, I spend time at our local field office there. I’ve gained invaluable insight into the day-to-day operations of the company I work for that I never would have experienced based in HQ. The friendships I’ve made in that small office are some of my most treasured.

Biggest Surprise along the Way
As freeing as being able to work from anywhere is, there’s always a nice sense of stability anytime I get to work from the office. I never thought I’d miss that!

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In this episode

  • Pitching her boss on working remotely
  • Transition to working remotely
  • The unpredictable lifestyle of pro baseball players
  • Keeping “regular” business hours while traveling constantly
  • Finding and creating stability
  • The best thing about location independence
  • Challenges of working remotely
  • And so much more

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