Nomadtopia and the Pandemic

I always talk about how each person's ideal lifestyle—their version of Nomadtopia—is different, and that's certainly been true with the pandemic as well. Depending on where we find ourselves in the world, where we're from, our visa status, vaccine status, and lots of other factors, being a nomad in the pandemic has looked very different for each of us, and it looks like that will continue to be true for a while.

In Episode 182 of Nomadtopia Radio, I share a bit of my own experience and highlight what some members of the Nomadtopia Collective and other nomads are going through.

Click through the sections below to access resources to share your story on Nomadtopia Radio, learn about the latest COVID restrictions, hear from other grounded nomads, and connect with others who are navigating these crazy times as nomads.

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Get the Top 10 Logistical Things You Need to do before becoming a nomad