Writer and coach Sasha Cagen’s life looks very different than it did five years ago. Tune in to find out how she went from co-founder of a Silicon Valley tech startup (and creator of the Quirkyalone movement) to leading tango adventures in Buenos Aires and writing a memoir called Wet.

Sasha Cagen


In This Episode

  • What a “life churn” is and why she sought one out
  • What attracted her to Brazil and how she ended up in Argentina
  • What Quirkyalone really means and how it relates to Nomadtopia
  • Intimate relationships and a traveling/unconventional lifestyle
  • Tension between adventure vs. stability, especially to produce creative work
  • Logistics of splitting her time between California and Argentina
  • Why tango is a lifelong study and a metaphor for life and relationships
  • How she created and now runs retreats in Argentina
  • And much more

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences

Hosting the Tango Adventures in Buenos Aires, and finding such fabulous friends in Buenos Aires.


Biggest Surprise along the Way

It’s not easy. That’s not really a surprise, but it takes a lot of work. Also, I thought this lifestyle might be a problem with developing a long-term relationship, but I find that my current partner is much more accepting than I thought he would be.

Resources We Talked About

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