What Was Your First Global Experience?

November 20, 2013 | ,

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My first global experience was in first or second grade, in Ms. Driscoll’s class.

My class was learning about Africa, so we went on a (virtual) safari.

Every day, we would learn something about Africa: the animals, the people, the countries, the landscape…

And every day, we took our very own malaria pills (which were actually red-hot candies).

I remember being so excited to take my malaria pill every day (or maybe I just loved red-hots?), and to find out where we would be going next.

If I remember correctly, at the end of the unit we had a big party where we dressed in some traditional African clothes my teacher had and ate African food. (Yes, I know Africa is a big and varied place, but I don’t recall the specifics!)

This is my earliest memory related to learning about the rest of the world, and the thrill of the journey was a big part of it.

I didn’t actually leave the country until I was a teenager (and I still haven’t been to Africa!), but I think this was a formative experience in cultivating my passion for travel.

It’s fascinating to watch kids discover that the world is bigger than their backyard, their hometown… These kinds of experiences can have a huge impact on how we look at the world as adults, and I’m so glad my teacher took such a hands-on approach to helping us learn more about the world.

What was your first global experience? How has it shaped how you live your life now?

Photo credit: Arno Meintjes Wildlife via photopin cc

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