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Create Your Nomadtopia

With support and guidance from someone who’s been there, a community of other future nomads, and curated lists of tools and resources, Create Your Nomadtopia is an online program that will get you well on your way to making your nomadic dreams a reality.

In Create Your Nomadtopia you will:

  • Get clear on what your Nomadtopia looks like
  • Optimize your business to be able to work from anywhere
  • Learn about the must-have resources and tools for your lifestyle
  • Create a plan and start taking action to make it happen

Registration for Create Your Nomadtopia is currently closed.

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Kelly O.Although I had traveled quite a bit, I was nervous about making this big life change. I tend to worry about things too much, and Amy helped me feel more confident that I am making the right choice and that I can do this. Amy held me accountable and always moved me forward so I didn’t lose sight of my dream.

—Kelly O.

Erin BruleI signed up for Create Your Nomadtopia with Amy because I wanted to start taking some steps to figure out exactly WHAT my Nomadtopia would look like. Living abroad is something I have been wanting to do for a long time… or so I thought!

Once I started going through the checklists and questions in the program, I finally started to look at the whole Nomadtopia idea in practical terms. And then came my ‘a-ha’ moment.

Much to my surprise, by going through Amy’s program I discovered that (at least for now) I have NO desire to ‘work and travel’ or live abroad… but rather arrange my work in a way that allows me large blocks of time to travel as my family and I wish. That realization alone was worth the cost of the program (x10!).

Regardless of what your Nomadtopia looks like, this program is a big help, as it lays out all the things you need to take into consideration (so you don’t get slammed with overwhelm!).

—Erin Brule

Grace QuantockAmy Scott models how it can be possible for me to be geographically free. With illness, animals, two businesses and a long list of reasons why not, I didn’t think location independence was something my husband and I could achieve.

Amy has inspired me to think of the possibilities and see what we already have and how possible this is. There truly is no one I’d rather learn about location independence from.

—Grace Quantock

Chris DegenhardtCreate Your Nomadtopia gave me a lot of food for thought concerning the romantic notion and the reality of this kind of lifestyle. I really enjoyed the live group calls, and appreciated the care and thoroughness in the way Amy set out the course.

—Chris Degenhardt

April LeeCreate Your Nomadtopia is a fun and informative course.

Although I was certain about my decision to become a global nomad beforehand, I was not surrounded by like-minded individuals who understood exactly what I was experiencing.

This course provided camaraderie plus a focused approach to discovering my unique path.

Amy is a wonderful facilitator, and I definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in living a nomadic existence.

—April Lee