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The Seasons of Your Nomadtopia

March 11, 2021 |

I’ve been talking about all things “home” over the last few weeks because that’s what we’ve been exploring in the Collective recently. It’s also been on my mind because we recently moved into a house with a yard in Querétaro, Mexico, a welcome (and very intentional) change from the Mexico City high-rise apartment we lived in for the past three years.

It still seems kind of different than the norm because I’m not in my home country, but I’m surprised by how much I’m liking this more suburban life right now. I’m in my mid-40s but it’s something I’ve had only briefly as an adult. I’ve generally lived in more urban areas and I don’t think I’ve had a place with a yard since 1998 or so! It feels really nice right now, especially after being cooped up in our apartment for much of the last year.

As we create our little nest here with our twin toddlers I’m struck once again by all the seasons that life goes through, especially for us nomads. At some points in our lives, traveling full-time might feel just right, and other times slowing down and spending more time in one place is a better fit. Sometimes we might want to explore our own country, and in other seasons we choose to be abroad. Those are just a few examples; there are so many iterations one’s Nomadtopia might go through as it evolves over the years.

I’ve learned many things from the evolution of my own Nomadtopia in the past 16+ years, but here are two that have been on my mind recently. First, it’s important to occasionally check in with yourself (and your travel companions, if any) to see if you’re still on the path that feels right or if it’s time for a shift.

And second, never say never! There are so many things I said or thought I’d never do because I couldn’t imagine them being a good fit for me, then later I ended up doing them, like living in Los Angeles, marrying a foreigner, driving/buying a car abroad, living in the suburbs… I could go on and on. But I’ve since learned that it’s nearly impossible to predict what will feel good and right in the future and I don’t want to be so stubborn that I say no to something just because I said I’d never do it!

So to recap, be sure you take the time to reevaluate the path you’re on and make sure it’s still a good fit. And don’t not do something just because you said you never would! And maybe stop saying “I’ll never…” so you can avoid having to eat your words somewhere down the line. 😉


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