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A New Year of Adventure Awaits!

December 6, 2013 | , , ,

A new year is almost upon us, and with that, lots of goals, dreams, plans, and ideas are springing up!

I don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions anymore, but I do like to set some intentions for the coming year, and as a nomad, a lot of that has to do with where I want to be and the experiences I want to have.

Roberto and I were at the beach last week, unplugged from email and social media, and spent some time talking about what we want to do next year. We also identified specific dates and events we want to plan around, and started to sketch out some rough plans.

Of course, we want to have plenty of freedom and flexibility to change things up as we go. Just as an example, our plans for the next six weeks have changed dramatically (and more than once) in recent weeks, so don’t hold us to any of this!

We’re a long way from buying plane tickets or sorting out other logistics for most of this, but we do have some sense of what our life might look like in 2014, with a few somewhat fixed commitments and plenty of gaps to fill in with other fun things and opportunities that might pop up.


Leave Bali January 1; three weeks to kill until we meet my parents in India (maybe stop in Sri Lanka en route?)


India with my parents and brother


Silent meditation retreat in Thailand

Rest of March, April, May?

Thailand, possibly Cambodia and/or Laos, Vietnam

Short swing through Europe, if funds allow?


East Coast of the U.S., to renew my driver’s license (yes, it needs to be done in person! ridiculous), help my parents prepare to sell their house/move

Argentina for the World Cup?


South and Central America?

On top of all this, as entrepreneurs, we’re thinking about what we want to do and accomplish in our businesses in 2014. And as nomadic entrepreneurs, we need to look at how to coordinate our business plans with our travel plans!

As far as my work goes, all I know at this point is that because we’ll probably be moving around quite a bit in January and February, I’m not planning to get too much done during that time. And then there’s the silent meditation retreat, so suddenly it’ll be the middle of March!

So I’m doing what I can now to create products that can sell even while I’m busy traveling, and I’m looking at the rest of the year to determine the best times to run programs, masterminds, and some of the other things I want to do. Because those plans will likely come together before the rest of our travel plans, we can then tailor our travel plans to match our business plans, ensuring that we are staying in one place, and have good Internet access, when needed.

It works out as a good balance, I think. Because some travel plans are already scheduled based on external factors, the focus will be on travel during those times, and then later in the year the focus will be on business, with travel working around that.

How far in advance do you like to figure things out? How do you plan to balance work and travel priorities?

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