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Introducing Nomadtopia Radio

2017-04-26T21:20:49-04:00September 11, 2014|Inside Nomadtopia, Nomad Life|

Nomadtopia Radio is my new podcast that will feature interviews with people all over the world who are living lives of freedom and adventure through location independence, long-term travel, living abroad, and more. Find out how and why I started a podcast and check out the first episodes.

What Does Your Nomadtopia Look Like?

2017-04-09T08:06:37-04:00January 25, 2014|Inside Nomadtopia, Inspiration|

About a year and a half ago, I started to explore this question: What does your Nomadtopia look like?
I spent quite a bit of time putting together a quiz that would help you answer that question, but it got complicated. So I started to experiment with other formats, and that's how I ended up with Nomadtopia's very first ebook: Destination: Nomadtopia!