Anna Long

Anna Long: Asia, Mexico, and beyond while building an online business

September 10, 2014 | ,

After running a local skin-care business in Portland, Oregon, Anna Long decided it was finally time to make her dreams of living and traveling abroad a reality. Eight months after she sold her business, and with her online work as a business strategist ramping up, Anna and her new husband, Shea, hit the road. After two months of traveling in Asia and working online, they went home to pick up their dog and drove south to Baja California, Mexico, where they spent five months. Now back in Portland, Anna joined me to talk about how the adventure unfolded and where she’s headed next.

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences
Traveling all over Southeast Asia and China. There was one temple in Vientiane, Laos, that still gives me the chills… It was so amazing. I also really loved getting in the routine of eating, exploring, napping, and then doing it all over again!

Biggest Surprise along the Way
I really, really missed my community back in Portland. Now my hubby and I are thinking that in the future we could definitely not be gone for longer than two months at a time. I was surprised by this because I spent so much time wanting to escape!

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In this episode

  • What Anna learned while running her business and traveling in Asia
  • Why she bought a house even though she wanted to travel
  • Local vs. big corporate banks and banking around the world
  • The logistics of driving into Mexico with her dog
  • How a Type-A, routine-focused person manages uncertainty on the road
  • Vacation mind-set vs. “this is my real life” mind-set
  • And so much more
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