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Paul Strobl: Where Is He Now?

2017-10-23T20:51:59-04:00October 18, 2017|Podcast, with pets|

The way we each live our Nomadtopia often changes over time, so I’ve asked Paul back on the show—three years after he first joined me in September 2014—to share where he is now. We talked about how things have gone and what’s changed in his Nomadtopia—and why—in the last few years.

Britany Felix: About to Hit the Road

2017-05-17T16:35:03-04:00July 20, 2016|Podcast, with pets|

Britany and her husband recently sold almost everything they own (including their home) and quit the highest-paying jobs either one of them has ever had. When we talked, they were just about to embark on an open-ended journey around the Western half of the United States in their travel trailer with their two dogs.

Mel and Armando: Van Life in Europe

2019-03-04T18:34:53-04:00July 6, 2016|Podcast, with pets|

American writer Mel and Italian filmmaker Armando met while she was living in the Czech Republic and he in Bulgaria. A couple years later, a few spontaneous decisions found them living and traveling together in a VW T4 Westfalia, and they’ve now been on the road since 2012.

Jill Sessa: Vespa-riding, RV-living nomad

2018-09-07T17:54:07-04:00December 31, 2014|Podcast, with pets|

In 2013, Jill Sessa took off on what has turned into a 20,000-mile-plus road trip, first by bicycle, then cross country on a Vespa, and then moving into a tiny RV. A serial entrepreneur with a number of prior businesses, Jill now manages her website maintenance service, UltimateWPHelp, while enjoying an ever-changing view from the “office” window.

Heather Thorkelson: Building her republic of freedom

2020-10-06T18:17:40-04:00November 26, 2014|Podcast, with pets|

Business strategist Heather Thorkelson has built a location-independent business that gives her the freedom to stay in one place or to move on, and to switch things up based on what she needs at the time, whether it’s adventure or connection or time to unplug. Tune in to hear more about her inspiring approach to life, work, and building a business.

Paul Strobl: Backpacker to entrepreneur

2019-05-25T15:26:15-04:00September 24, 2014|Podcast, with pets|

Paul Strobl has worn many hats over the years: backpacker, reality-show participant, English teacher, sales manager, business coach, expat, and more. Tune in to find out how these experiences have shaped his life and led him where he is today, enjoying life with his wife and dogs, no matter where they are in the world.

Anna Long: Asia, Mexico, and beyond while building an online business

2019-05-25T15:12:02-04:00September 10, 2014|Podcast, with pets|

After running a local skin-care business in Portland, Oregon, Anna Long decided it was finally time to make her dreams of living and traveling abroad a reality. Eight months after she sold her business, and with her online work as a business strategist ramping up, Anna and her new husband, Shea, hit the road. After two months of traveling in Asia and working online, they went home to pick up their dog and drove south to Baja California, Mexico, where they spent five months.