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Grounded Nomads: Gustav Andersson

2020-05-13T13:21:06-04:00May 7, 2020|Grounded Nomads, Podcast|

Gustav was in Bali in March when a news report caused him to quickly decide to leave the country that same day. Now home in Sweden, he joined me to talk about having to choose one place to be, mindfulness in daily life and during lockdown, the unexpected upsides, and lots more.

Grounded Nomads: Erica Schmidt

2020-05-13T13:22:54-04:00May 1, 2020|Grounded Nomads, Podcast|

A born-again nomad after a fire forced her out of her apartment in December, Erica cut her time in Mexico short to head back to Canada in mid-March. In this episode we talk about finding places to stay during a pandemic, why she feels like she may not be cut out to be a nomad, and lots more.

Grounded Nomads: Beck Power

2020-05-13T13:26:17-04:00April 17, 2020|Grounded Nomads, Podcast|

A short trip to Mexico has turned into an indefinite one for Beck, who’s originally from New Zealand and based in Toronto. In this episode we talked about why the current uncertainty feels different than the normal uncertainty nomads experience, the need to make life feel more exciting/interesting, and exploring other aspects of our identity now that that central piece—travel—isn’t available to us.

Grounded Nomads: Julie Whelan Capell

2020-05-13T13:27:56-04:00April 9, 2020|Grounded Nomads, Podcast|

Julie usually lives in Chile but went home to the United States to take care of her mother temporarily in early February. She's still there. Tune in as we talk about the challenges of a short-term visit that's unexpectedly turned into an indefinite one, dealing with lost income, deciding when/if to return to Chile, and lots more.

Grounded Nomads: A Special Series from Nomadtopia Radio

2020-05-13T13:14:46-04:00April 3, 2020|Grounded Nomads, Podcast|

The Nomadtopia community is grappling with a whole new set of challenges in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Like planes all over the world, we nomads have found ourselves grounded. Just like the regular monthly podcast, this weekly series will share the stories of nomads, expats, and other location-independent professionals and travelers as we explore what our Nomadtopia looks like right now and in the future.

Pascale Côté: Building a Nomadic Mind-Set & Business

2020-03-03T01:43:57-04:00March 4, 2020|Podcast|

Pascale didn't set out to be a nomad; she started freelancing simply because she couldn't survive in a corporate environment. But she also loved to travel and once she realized she could do her work from anywhere, she moved to Spain, and she has been nomadic on and off in the years since. Now a business coach, she joined me from her hometown, Montreal, where she was packing up and getting ready to head to Bali for the first time.

Norm Bour: Travel Younger

2020-02-04T18:45:32-04:00February 5, 2020|Podcast|

Norm had never been very interested in international travel, but in 2016 a short trip to Europe changed his life completely, inspiring him to leave the U.S. permanently and travel continuously. He joined me from Bangkok, Thailand, to share his story and what life has been like since early 2019 when he hit the road with his girlfriend at age 64.

Lena Papadopoulos: Intercultural Educator & Nomad

2020-01-29T19:31:24-04:00January 1, 2020|Podcast|

After realizing that she wasn't really cut out for a regular job and feeling eager to spend more time abroad, Lena went independent with her work as an intercultural educator and hit the road with her partner. They tend to move slowly, spending months at a time in each place, which allows them to experience daily life in the local culture and also feel grounded enough to work effectively.

More Than 50 Gifts for Nomads

2020-07-22T12:24:55-04:00December 6, 2019|Nomad Life|

I asked experienced travelers, nomads, expats, and future nomads to share their suggestions for the best gifts for nomads.
If you’ve ever struggled with what to buy for the avid traveler or nomad in your life, this is for you.
And if you’re tired of your family and friends complaining that you’re difficult to shop for, just send them this post.

Ciara Kamara: Nomad Mom Life

2019-12-04T20:47:53-04:00December 4, 2019|Podcast, with kids|

Ciara and her husband have moved five times in the last eight years, following his job postings around the world—and adding two kids to their family along the way. In that time she's experimented with different ways to make money remotely, learned how to quickly get set up in each new location, and navigated the shifts in identity that come with becoming a nomad and a mother.

Marianne Cantwell: Free Range Human

2019-11-04T20:34:45-04:00November 6, 2019|Podcast|

Over many years of working for herself and traveling the world, Marianne Cantwell, founder of Free Range Humans, has created a balance that works for her. She's recently significantly streamlined her business and is now setting up a new home base in New York City. She joined me to talk about her business evolution, balancing home and travel, creating a life and career that works for you, and more. 

Jessica and Will: Full-Time Travel as a Family

2019-06-01T09:35:23-04:00October 2, 2019|Podcast, with kids|

Jessica and Will left the U.S. with their school-age children in 2014 and spent time living in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and the South of France before switching to living in an RV and exploring Europe. They join me to talk about how they've made this lifestyle work, including handling medical care, making decisions as a family, and lots more.

Lisa Princic: Short-Term Adventures

2019-05-15T18:04:11-04:00September 4, 2019|Podcast, with kids|

After her marriage ended, Lisa wasn't prepared to give up on her dream of living abroad as a family and taking her work with her. She started exploring other ways to make it happen, and eventually she and her five-year-old son headed to Maui for a three-month adventure. Tune in as we talk about the logistics she needed to sort out, what she learned from the experience, and lots more.

Julie Whelan Capell: Life in Chile

2019-05-20T13:50:13-04:00August 7, 2019|Podcast|

Location-independent work and rental property back home eased the way for Julie and her husband to move to Chile in 2017, where they've enjoyed settling into the local community in a seaside resort town. The adventure hasn't been without its challenges, though! Tune in as Julie and I talk about preparing to make this move, sorting out logistics, finding long-term accommodations during high season, and lots more. 

Brandon Pearce: Finding Meaning in Life and Work

2019-05-17T12:42:06-04:00July 3, 2019|Podcast, with kids|

Brandon and his family have been traveling the world for 10 years now, and have recently set up home bases in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Bali, Indonesia. In this episode we talk about how they've created the life they wanted, how finding meaning guides his decisions, their interest-led approach to educating their daughters, and lots more.

Tommo and Megsy: Food Fun Travel

2019-05-17T19:47:13-04:00June 5, 2019|Podcast|

Having spent much of the past six years being fully nomadic, Tommo and Megsy are now more focused on the freedom of location independence to have a home base, travel when they want, and avoid winter. In this episode we talk about their challenges finding income streams that worked for them, food as inspiration to travel, and lots more.

Marek Bron: Balancing Home and Travel

2019-05-15T12:11:22-04:00May 1, 2019|Podcast|

After a few years of full-time travel, Marek found a home base in Lisbon, Portugal. He enjoys connecting with the local community when he's settling into a bit of a routine at home, and also spends a lot of time on the road in support of his travel blog.

Carrie Spaulding: Saying Yes to a Nomadic Adventure

2019-05-15T12:19:50-04:00March 6, 2019|Podcast|

An intuitive hit that she was supposed to spend a year on the road led Carrie—a coach who was already location independent—to head off on a nomadic adventure full of powerful and memorable experiences, insights, and challenges. She joined me just after the year had officially ended, as she was reflecting on her trip and exploring what's next.

Elizabeth Mercer: Remote Work & Physical Products

2019-05-15T12:23:59-04:00February 6, 2019|Podcast|

Elizabeth and her husband spent about three years on the road, building a software company as they traveled. They've now moved to Austin, Texas, to give the company a U.S. headquarters, and Elizabeth has also started a new business selling ergonomic furniture. In this episode, we talk about hiring remote workers and tips for finding remote work, how a business that sells physical products can be location independent, the benefits and challenges of settling down, and lots more.

Cate Brubaker: Navigating Re-Entry

2019-05-15T12:27:36-04:00December 5, 2018|Podcast|

Re-entry (returning home after extended travel, especially abroad) can be one of the hardest parts of a location-independent lifestyle. Dr. Cate Brubaker—re-entry coach, consultant, and part-time nomad—joins me to talk all about why re-entry is so tough and what we can do to make it easier, no matter how long we’ve been gone or how long we’re staying put.

Kelly Christian: Location-Independent Bookkeeper

2019-05-16T10:28:39-04:00November 7, 2018|Podcast|

Kelly took her local, in-person bookkeeping business online, expanding her reach and giving her the ability to work from anywhere. Thanks to her work and some research and planning, Kelly and her husband were able to spend three months in Mexico last winter. She joined me to talk about what it took to make it happen, what she learned along the way, and what's changed as a result of their winter abroad.

From the Archives: Legal Matters for Nomads with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

2019-05-16T10:27:35-04:00October 25, 2018|Podcast|

Elizabeth intentionally created a business that fits the lifestyle she wants to live. As a location-independent lawyer for small businesses, she manages a remote team and takes lots of road trips—and she actually understands this nomad stuff! In this information-packed conversation we cover topics like where to set up your business in the U.S. if you’re traveling domestically or abroad, state taxes when you’re moving all over the country, and how nomads can deal with old-school things like taxes, insurance, and contracts.

Hannah Dixon: The Nomad VA

2019-05-16T10:29:32-04:00October 3, 2018|Podcast|

After spending several years doing virtual assistant work online while traveling, Hannah Dixon began her own business training and placing virtual assistants. In this episode, Hannah gives us the inside scoop on working successfully as a nomad along with her tips for taking care of mental health and happiness while on the road.

Anna Rova: Relationships and Female Success

2018-11-07T13:50:03-04:00September 5, 2018|Podcast|

Anna and her husband met at a nomad meetup in Medellín, Colombia, and they're now expecting a nomad baby! In this episode, we talk about Anna's perspective on relationships, the reality of nomad life, embracing one's wild feminine nature, and so much more.

Michelle Chang: Unconventional Budget Accommodations

2018-11-07T13:55:57-04:00August 1, 2018|Podcast|

After getting married and working for a few years, Michelle and her husband, Jedd, joined the Peace Corps and served together for two years in rural Jamaica. They then tested out location independence while slowly building a freelance web services business, keeping expenses low through housesitting, work exchanges, and other unconventional accommodations. This budget-friendly approach continues to sustain and enrich their long-term travel lifestyle.