Moving to Canada with Brandon Miller

Moving to Canada with Brandon Miller

September 1, 2021 |

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said, “That’s it, I’m moving to Canada.” I’ve heard this phrase a time or two before!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time thinking, daydreaming, and brainstorming about where in the world you’d like to live, get residency, and even a second passport. There are certain places that tend to come up regularly as an option for many people, but I’ll admit I’d always discounted Canada as being too complicated or something. Turns out, it might not be!

In this episode, I talk with Brandon Miller of My Second Passport and author of Second Passport: Your Guide To Have a Secure Alternative Home for You and Your Family, Just in Case…. all about what it takes to move to Canada.

Brandon uncovers how the Canadian immigration system works and what you need to know about the process. You’ll learn about how to more easily navigate this process, what some find are the biggest surprises about moving to Canada, and what you need to know if you’re self-employed or working remotely for your employer.

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In this episode

  • Barriers that stop people from moving to Canada
  • Reasons to consider making Canada your home
  • How a second passport can liberate you
  • Why Brandon is a big believer in having the freedom to move
  • What you need to know about the Canadian immigration process
  • Factors to consider for self-employed and digital workers
  • What surprises Brandon about the process
  • How to navigate border patrol
  • How the immigration system works
  • What to know about taxes when moving to Canada
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Resources we talked about

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