Packing Light: Easier Said Than Done

2017-04-09T08:07:17-04:00October 28, 2013|blogging challenge, Minimalism, Nomad Life, Travel Logistics|

As I was packing up this morning, I was reminded yet again of how much stuff I have with me, and how tight a fit it is in my luggage. I know some might find it impressive that I'm traveling long-term with a carry-on-size suitcase, small shoulder bag, and a laptop bag (Roberto has about the same amount of stuff, without the shoulder bag). But I can, and want, to do better.

It’s Time to Plot Your Escape

2017-07-18T13:32:16-04:00December 2, 2011|Minimalism, Travel Logistics|

So you've decided it's time to make your dream of living your ideal life, anywhere in the world, a reality. Your money plan is in place, and you're starting to get a handle on what this adventure will actually look like. The next step is to free yourself of all the trappings of your location-dependent life so you can plot your escape. This is Step 2 in the 7 Steps to a Life of Travel.