Flourishing Abroad with Christine Job

May 4, 2022 |

To live—and really flourish—abroad, cultivating self-trust is critical in finding your footing in a new place. Living in another country can come with a range of difficulties, but that’s just part of the challenge. It’s not a balm to fix all your problems, but it does provide an opportunity for self-actualization.

In this episode, I am joined by Christine Job, a business strategist currently living in Spain. We talk about how taking a different path gives you the space to choose what you really want, accountability as a form of self-care, and how living abroad can be a pathway to wellness. You’ll get her insight into what it’s really like living abroad and facing challenges with language differences, a new sense of identity, and learning to surrender. 

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In this episode

  • What brought Christine to Spain and kept her there
  • How self-care and betting on yourself doesn’t always look the way you’d expect 
  • The biggest benefits of living abroad and having an international experience
  • How living abroad is a pathway to wellness
  • How nomad living opens you to a sense of surrender 
  • How this kind of lifestyle shifts your sense of identity
  • The language barriers of living abroad
  • The biggest surprises of living in Spain
  • How you can hold joy and grief at the same time

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