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This interview was recorded on June 2 and published June 4, 2020.

Sam and I started out talking about how his Nomadtopia was affected by the pandemic… and quickly found ourselves fumbling through a conversation about black lives matter, freedom, white privilege, the privilege of the nomadic lifestyle, and so much more.
Sam Kern

We are podcasters united to condemn the tragic murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and many many others at the hands of police. This is a continuation of the systemic racism pervasive in the United States since its inception and we are committed to standing against racism in all its forms.

We believe that to be silent is to be complicit.

We believe that Black lives matter.

We believe that Black lives are more important than property.

We believe that we have a responsibility to use our platforms to speak out against this injustice whenever and wherever we are witness to it.

In creating digital media we have built audiences that return week after week to hear our voices and we will use our voices to speak against anti-blackness and police brutality, and we encourage our audiences to be educated and engaged, and to take action.

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Campaign Zero: https://www.joincampaignzero.org/
Black Lives Matter: https://www.Blacklivesmatter.com
Minneapolis NAACP Branch: https://www.paypal.me/mplsnaacp4050B

If you’re in the U.S., text “Floyd” to 55156 to sign a petition to demand justice for George Floyd

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