Creating an Untethered Life with Jennie and Meredyth

April 6, 2022 | ,

Working with your spouse poses a unique set of challenges. When you throw full-time RVing into the mix, it becomes an even bigger adventure. But as you’ll hear on today’s episode, there’s nothing quite so freeing as hitting the road with the person you love to live untethered by your location or work.

In this episode, I’m joined by wives and business partners Jennie and Meredyth Mustafa-Julock for a conversation about living and working together on the road. Jennie and Meredyth are sharing their story of giving up their big-city lifestyle for one of full-time RV travel. Plus, they’re sharing their advice for sharing responsibilities and working together in an RV.

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In this episode

  • Why Jennie and Meredyth decided to become digital nomads
  • How they adjusted to the RV lifestyle as two women who’d never camped before
  • How the RV lifestyle allowed Jennie and Meredyth to become more minimalist
  • How to do a “test drive” of the nomadic lifestyle to make sure it’s a good fit
  • How Jennie and Meredyth prepared for and researched the nomadic lifestyle
  • What you learn from working and living with your partner in a small space
  • Jennie and Meredyth’s advice for couples who want to make a similar life change
  • How to separate responsibilities while on the road and find your traveling flow
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