Katherine Wright: Making her way

//Katherine Wright: Making her way

Katherine Wright: Making her way

After spending time in the Peace Corps in Africa, and living a “regular” life back home for several years, Katherine set off to travel and do more volunteering in Europe, then taught herself the tech skills that now allow her to work online and be location independent. When we spoke she was wrapping up another extended stay in Europe while working as a contractor for a U.S. company.

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In This Episode

  • Staying in Europe longer term (and why she chose to go there)
  • Life in the Peace Corps
  • Using WWOOF and HelpX to stretch her savings while traveling in Europe
  • How she taught herself the tech skills she needed to become location independent
  • Doing travel writing and photography on the side
  • Finding community and making friends
  • Can you WWOOF and work online at the same time?
  • Challenges of a nomadic lifestyle
  • And so much more


Get even more of my conversation with Katherine!

Not long after we recorded the podcast interview, Katherine returned to the States for a few months and I returned to my home base in Buenos Aires, so we hopped back on Skype to talk about going home, taking time to look back as well as forward, having a home base (and checking in on it), enjoying where you are, and much more.

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Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences

Housesitting in rural Northern Ireland for two weeks this past July. I had volunteered as a WWOOFer in April 2014 at that farm and it felt amazing to return to such a wonderful place, but as a different person. I was able to work each day on my laptop to generate income, but also enjoy the beauty of Ireland. It made me realize how much my lifestyle changed in a pretty short period of time.

Biggest Surprise along the Way

Positive: How much I’ve taught myself. I never thought I would be working in the tech field, but it’s amazing how much you can teach yourself with the help of the internet and asking questions.

Negative: How isolating this lifestyle can be. It’s been challenging at times when working long hours solo, but accountability groups and staying in touch with others in this type of lifestyle has been really helpful.

Resources We Talked About

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