Nicole Liloia: Part-Time Nomad

//Nicole Liloia: Part-Time Nomad

Nicole Liloia: Part-Time Nomad

A former social worker, Nicole is a business strategist + coach who helps entrepreneurs make money doing work they love and create multiple income streams through her program the Authentic Affiliate Academy. She lives in New Jersey full time but travels regularly and takes one-month international trips to experience new countries and escape winter.



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In This Episode

  • Why she prefers being a part-time nomad
  • Logistics of leaving for a month at a time
  • Stressors of the lifestyle and how to handle them
  • Preparing for an effective workcation
  • Transitioning from in-person to online work
  • Discovering what’s possible and test-driving the lifestyle
  • Tips on creating passive income through authentic affiliate marketing
  • And much more

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences

Being able to escape the cold New Jersey winters for a month and spend them somewhere warm has been amazing. Changing my business model so that I can do this more often has also been really helpful. I love hearing from my clients who are women and interested in traveling by themselves but feel scared to do it. They’re really inspired to try it out once they see me share my experiences.

Biggest Surprise along the Way

It’s easier to do things alone when you travel than when you’re at home! I also have better focus while I’m traveling and find it easier to get my work done in shorter periods of time.

Resources We Talked About

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