Navigating Visa Discrimination and Money Trauma as a Nomad with Vangile Makwakwa

February 28, 2023 | , , ,

Simply deciding where to travel as a nomad can be tricky. Every country has different entry and visa laws, and it’s easier to travel with some passports than others. Unfortunately, people who have to apply for a visa to go almost anywhere face an unnecessary and unfair barrier to seeing the world.

In today’s episode, my guest is Vangile Makwakwa, a South African, a nomad, and a money coach. We talk about discriminatory visa processes, her personal nomad style, her favorite countries she’s visited, and how to navigate money trauma when moving abroad.

This is an eye-opening and important conversation for those like me who have a lot of privilege when it comes to travel. People from wealthier (White) countries don’t typically have to prove themselves (their connections, their finances) in the way that people from Black and Brown countries often do in order to travel. This episode just might inspire you to discover and explore more welcoming countries and also to dig into how your relationship with money can affect your nomad experience.

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In this episode

  • The different home bases Vangile has had around the world depending on where she is in lifeWhy her podcast focuses primarily on helping Black women invest in real estate in African countries
  • How her South African passport influences where she goes and why she primarily goes to countries that are more welcoming to Black people
  • The discrimination of some Western countries’ visa processes, making it difficult for Black and Brown people to explore the world
  • Vangile’s work as a money coach, her focus on ancestral money trauma, and how our relationship with money connects to our nervous system 
  • How moving to another country affects your finances

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