Britany and her husband recently sold almost everything they own (including their home) and quit the highest-paying jobs either one of them has ever had. When we talked, they were just about to embark on an open-ended journey around the Western half of the United States in their travel trailer with their two dogs.

Britany Felix

In This Episode

  • How they ended up making big changes in their life
  • Preparing for a more nomadic lifestyle
  • Telling employers and family
  • How they’re funding their travels
  • Handling Wi-Fi while traveling
  • Finding free places to camp in the U.S.
  • Modifying the RV for their lifestyle
  • Figuring out health insurance
  • And much more

Most Memorable Location-Independent Experiences

Since we haven’t left for our trip yet, it’s honestly been being able to attend family events. My family is one of those crazy ones that actually like each other so they get together for lunch every Thursday, but I haven’t been able to go before because I was always working a corporate 9–5. Something as simple as being able to say yes to a lunch is really powerful to me personally. Having that freedom is what living a location-independent life is all about.

Biggest Surprise along the Way

Once you stop living your life on repeat, absolutely everything becomes chaotic, which can be fantastically frustrating.

Resources We Talked About

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