Buying Local SIM Cards When You Travel

2017-10-21T15:43:54-04:00September 23, 2014|Nomad Life, Technology|

For those times when you have a bad Wi-Fi connection while traveling, one of the best back-ups is connecting to 3G data via a local SIM card. If you travel internationally and stay in one country for a while, buying a local SIM card is worth the effort. Read about my experiences buying local SIM cards...

My Favorite Online Tools

2018-05-30T17:45:14-04:00July 30, 2014|Nomad Life, Technology, Work & Business|

I'm constantly adding to, and tweaking, my list of most-used and favorite apps and services that make living and working anywhere in the world possible (and easier!). I just found this cool service called List.ly, so I thought I'd try it out as a way to share my latest favorites with you.