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Introducing Nomadtopia Radio

September 11, 2014 | ,

After six months of talking about it, then learning, then more talking, then planning, then actually doing, I’ve started a podcast!

I got the idea earlier this year thanks to my friend Jessica Kupferman, who has a great podcast called Lady Business Radio (I was a guest back in June 2013). Jess told me she was creating Podcasting School for Women, a new course to help other women who want to start a podcast.

Of course that got me thinking, Hmm, maybe I should start a podcast!

But I quickly wrote it off, saying I was way too busy to take on something new, but once the idea got stuck in my head, there was no shaking it.

In fact, I saw lots of reasons it was a great fit:

  • I love to talk,
  • I love connecting with people (and already know many people who’d be great guests), and
  • It would be the perfect way to highlight all the different kinds of lifestyles location independence can lead to.

Plus, it would finally take me back to my broadcasting roots!

Yep, I had a real radio show in high school and and in college. In high school, all the radio broadcasting students ended up being banned from playing Pearl Jam on their shows, thanks to my carelessness in accidentally playing the intro to a song that had some curse words at the beginning.

The signal was so weak we probably had about 20 listeners, but apparently one of them was a priest who decided to call our teacher to complain! You can imagine how unpopular this made me; it was 1992 and not being able to play Pearl Jam was unthinkable.

Anyway, back to the podcast. I ended up taking Jessica’s course, and it was a great way to connect with other women on the same journey and get everything I needed to make this happen.

So now I am proud to share with you the brand-new Nomadtopia Radio!

The podcast will feature interviews with people all over the world who are living lives of freedom and adventure through location independence, long-term travel, living abroad, and more.

This week, four episodes went live, showcasing an amazing variety of lifestyles and experiences:

  • Anna Long is reconnecting with her community in the U.S. after building her business while traveling in Asia and Mexico.
  • Greg Denning is traveling overland from Alaska to Argentina with his wife and six kids.
  • Sundae Bean is living in Burkina Faso with her husband and two young kids.
  • Rebecca Beaton is adventuring close to home and plotting another escape after building her business on a U.S. road trip.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Nomadtopia Radio! New episodes will be posted here on the website every week, and you can subscribe to Nomadtopia Radio wherever you get your podcasts so you don’t miss a single one.

Thanks for listening, and for being part of the Nomadtopia community!

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