Carrie Spaulding: Saying Yes to a Nomadic Adventure

2019-05-15T12:19:50-04:00March 6, 2019|Podcast|

An intuitive hit that she was supposed to spend a year on the road led Carrie—a coach who was already location independent—to head off on a nomadic adventure full of powerful and memorable experiences, insights, and challenges. She joined me just after the year had officially ended, as she was reflecting on her trip and exploring what's next.

Elizabeth Mercer: Remote Work & Physical Products

2019-05-15T12:23:59-04:00February 6, 2019|Podcast|

Elizabeth and her husband spent about three years on the road, building a software company as they traveled. They've now moved to Austin, Texas, to give the company a U.S. headquarters, and Elizabeth has also started a new business selling ergonomic furniture. In this episode, we talk about hiring remote workers and tips for finding remote work, how a business that sells physical products can be location independent, the benefits and challenges of settling down, and lots more.

Cate Brubaker: Navigating Re-Entry

2019-05-15T12:27:36-04:00December 5, 2018|Podcast|

Re-entry (returning home after extended travel, especially abroad) can be one of the hardest parts of a location-independent lifestyle. Dr. Cate Brubaker—re-entry coach, consultant, and part-time nomad—joins me to talk all about why re-entry is so tough and what we can do to make it easier, no matter how long we’ve been gone or how long we’re staying put.

Kelly Christian: Location-Independent Bookkeeper

2019-05-16T10:28:39-04:00November 7, 2018|Podcast|

Kelly took her local, in-person bookkeeping business online, expanding her reach and giving her the ability to work from anywhere. Thanks to her work and some research and planning, Kelly and her husband were able to spend three months in Mexico last winter. She joined me to talk about what it took to make it happen, what she learned along the way, and what's changed as a result of their winter abroad.

From the Archives: Legal Matters for Nomads with Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

2019-05-16T10:27:35-04:00October 25, 2018|Podcast|

Elizabeth intentionally created a business that fits the lifestyle she wants to live. As a location-independent lawyer for small businesses, she manages a remote team and takes lots of road trips—and she actually understands this nomad stuff! In this information-packed conversation we cover topics like where to set up your business in the U.S. if you’re traveling domestically or abroad, state taxes when you’re moving all over the country, and how nomads can deal with old-school things like taxes, insurance, and contracts.

Hannah Dixon: The Nomad VA

2019-05-16T10:29:32-04:00October 3, 2018|Podcast|

After spending several years doing virtual assistant work online while traveling, Hannah Dixon began her own business training and placing virtual assistants. In this episode, Hannah gives us the inside scoop on working successfully as a nomad along with her tips for taking care of mental health and happiness while on the road.

Anna Rova: Relationships and Female Success

2018-11-07T13:50:03-04:00September 5, 2018|Podcast|

Anna and her husband met at a nomad meetup in Medellín, Colombia, and they're now expecting a nomad baby! In this episode, we talk about Anna's perspective on relationships, the reality of nomad life, embracing one's wild feminine nature, and so much more.

Michelle Chang: Unconventional Budget Accommodations

2018-11-07T13:55:57-04:00August 1, 2018|Podcast|

After getting married and working for a few years, Michelle and her husband, Jedd, joined the Peace Corps and served together for two years in rural Jamaica. They then tested out location independence while slowly building a freelance web services business, keeping expenses low through housesitting, work exchanges, and other unconventional accommodations. This budget-friendly approach continues to sustain and enrich their long-term travel lifestyle.

Doug Cunnington: Amazon Affiliate Sites

2018-06-27T13:29:12-04:00July 4, 2018|Podcast|

After working remotely for years in his corporate job as a project manager, Doug got laid off. He was lucky to already be building a side hustle with Amazon affiliate sites, which he was able to make his full-time gig. In this episode, we talk about the transition to working for himself, all about affiliate sites, some of his favorite productivity hacks, and lots more.

Cara Miles: Yoga and Coaching

2018-11-07T13:56:30-04:00March 28, 2018|Podcast|

Cara went from clinical psychologist in a country town in Australia to yoga teacher living at a surf camp in Morocco and working as a coach supporting others to follow their dreams. Tune in as we talk about the ideal mindset for nomads, how to handle people who don’t support your dreams and lifestyle, getting a good night’s sleep, life in Morocco, and more.

Dan Pierson: Finding His Sweet Spot

2018-03-21T13:10:32-04:00March 21, 2018|Podcast|

It can take a while to find our rhythm with this lifestyle and figure out what really works for us, but Dan feels like he's finally found his sweet spot. In this episode, he shares why he likes having a home base, his take on community and friendships, and lots more.

Andrea Jordan: Travels Abroad and at Home

2018-06-04T17:41:57-04:00March 14, 2018|Podcast|

Andrea's work as a business coach and strategist allowed her to spend the last 20 months traveling around Latin America. Eventually, she felt it was time for a change, and she's recently headed back to her home country, New Zealand, to continue the adventure. Tune in to hear all about how this decision came about, her tips for volunteering in animal shelters on the road, budgeting for your business, and tons more.

Fara and Bob: Can Do Latitude

2018-03-06T20:31:28-04:00March 7, 2018|Podcast|

In 2017, 40-somethings Fara and Bob quit their jobs to travel the world. After seven months on the road, they've learned a lot about housesitting, budgeting, their interests, and even their relationship. Tune in to hear all about their experience so far.

Susan Shain: Travel with Seasonal Jobs

2018-03-13T19:52:32-04:00February 21, 2018|Podcast|

After college, Susan started working seasonal jobs—at a ski shop in Colorado, as office manager for a sea kayaking company in Alaska—and she was hooked. Several years later, after teaching English abroad, she started her freelance writing career. In this episode, we talk about the pros and cons of seasonal jobs, tips for making a living as a writer, and lots more.

Tui Shortland: Helping People Go Native

2018-01-29T21:22:02-04:00January 31, 2018|Podcast, with kids|

Tui has been location independent for a year now, mostly working in indigenous issues related to the United Nations. She's also the co-founder of Native XP, the global indigenous tourism platform. Her Nomadtopia allows her to balance home and travel while focusing on her passions. 

Aline Dahmen: Finding a Nomad Soulmate

2018-01-23T14:39:58-04:00January 24, 2018|Podcast|

When Aline first heard about "digital nomads" a few years ago, in her early 20s, it felt like a great fit for her. She started freelancing and has been working while she travels ever since. But there were certainly challenges along the way, including trying to find a partner to share the adventure (she even built an app to help solve this problem!). Tune in as we share our experiences finding love on the road and lots more.

Anna Long: Where Is She Now?

2018-01-16T19:30:09-04:00January 17, 2018|Podcast|

The way we each live our Nomadtopia often changes over time, so I’ve asked Anna back on the show—almost three and a half years after she first joined me in September 2014—to share where she is now. We talked about how things have gone and what’s changed in her Nomadtopia—and why—in the last few years.

Hayden Lee: Europe by Motorcycle

2017-12-12T12:53:11-04:00December 27, 2017|Podcast|

Hayden is currently on an open-ended journey around Europe on his motorcycle, Gloria. He has no plans, and never makes any. He works 1–2 days a week, lives on 500 euros a month, and saves three times that. We talked about planning vs winging it, the most helpful mindset for this type of travel, embracing the low points, and so much more.

Tal Gur: The Art of Fully Living

2017-12-08T21:18:27-04:00December 20, 2017|Podcast|

Tal has been location independent for almost 10 years. He recently completed a 10-year, 100 life-goals journey around the world, tackling financial, physical, and spiritual dreams. We talked about passive income (is it real?), habit hacks, and lots more.

Zaina Brown: Traveling Belly Dancer

2017-12-08T20:03:40-04:00December 13, 2017|Podcast|

Originally from Finland, Zaina has made a career as a traveling belly dancer, working in numerous countries around the Arab world and beyond. She's now based in Thailand and still gets on a plane to belly dance in other countries on a regular basis.

Grace Taylor: Going Independent

2017-11-28T18:04:36-04:00December 6, 2017|Podcast|

In her corporate career, Grace was an expat in three different countries, most recently Ireland. She's now transitioned to running her own location-independent business so she could create more flexibility and better balance time with loved ones and exploring new places. She specialized in US expat tax during her corporate career, and she now works with US expats and digital nomads as an independent tax consultant.